“Casual Jazz Thursday”—a personal invite from Kyle Mabson

[Editor’s note: I couldn’t do what I do without Kyle H. Mabson. It will soon be Monday Night’s 5th Anniversary, and Kyle’s been there nearly every step of the way. So why shouldn’t I allow him to contribute to this site? Prepare yourself for a lot of Juggalo facepaint, tasteful/tasteless Photoshop 1.0 graphics, and capital letters. Lots of them. -SC]

Dudes! Look at me up on the Sean Carnage website. It’s your boy! I came on here to talk to ya’ll, THE PEOPLE. See I got this show tonight. I’m amped for it. Lemme riff ya on the concepts of errything poppin off tonight aka Casual Jazz Thursday.

This event takes place at THE SMELL. You know… in downtown LA. In that alley! It’s gonna feature artists from various backgrounds and influences ready to entertain you. All for 5 smackeroos! You luhh bands!

First off we got Bro-Mags. Bro-Mags are a complicated band. They hail from Los Angeles, California. Not much else is known about them though. The band may or may not feature members of XBXRX, Bipolar Bear, and Green Eyes. I’ve heard they are “pretty punk” and describe their sound as “STRAIGHT ILLNESS”. This is a rare appearance for the band, so you should probably check them out.

Next up we have Hawnay Troof. Hawnay Troof aka Vice Cooler has recently become a Los Angeles resident after chillin’ eight years in the land of goggles (Oakland, CA). You may know vice from xbxrx or KIT OR his awesome Dj duo with handsome all around rad guy, Kyle Mabson. If you feel like music has been lacking suits and jumping around… HAWNAY TROOF IS THE ACT FOR YOU!

THEN BADOW! From Portland, OR we have The Cysts. An amazing hardcore band featuring dudes who were in a bunch of bands you love! (Ultra Boyz, Argumentix, We Quit, Budweiser Sprite, SMOOTH GROOVES etc etc.) Bunch of real quick, real fast songs. Totally Mosh-worthy and amazing. This is coming from me, a dude who ain’t into bands, so totally something worth checkin’ out.

Then headlining….all the way from silverlake/echo park, we have Tearist. Like metal things gettin’ hit? Like goofy synths and hand claps? You hate pants? DAMN THIS IS YOUR BAND! Tearist is a band the internet really likes. I think you will like ’em too! The Cysts were sure to ask me to book them on this show. GOTTA LUHH DEM.

So yeah bros and broettes. I am really excited about this and excited about seeing you. We are ragin’ cuz it’s the weekend kinda! See ya’ll at 9!

Also! Sean! Look at me I’m on yer site! Yer boy is doin’ good! HAY GURL! Writin’!

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