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Sean Carnage shows & events

Sean Carnage Monday Nights

Guns ‘n Broses, Pehrspace, August 2010.

Monday Nights & related shows

Start: July 25, 2005

End: March 27, 2016

Series duration: 10 years, 8 months, 3 days

Total number of events in series (all venues): 471

Mondays / non-Mondays: 412 / 59

Performer stats

Artists / bands / performers total: 1158 (2219 sets)

DJs / VJs: 67 (500 sets)

Comedians: 19 (28 sets)

MCs / co-presenters: 44 (74 shows)

Chefs: 3 chefs / 15 offerings (dinners, takeaway, etc.) *not counting unofficial parking lot vendors

Filmmakers / screenings: 33 filmmakers showcased / over 50 films or videos screened, premiered, etc.

Special events: Over 45 specially produced one-off events *does not include theme nights

Featured artist list



























Il Corral Sean Carnage Monday Nights

First Monday Night Halloween, 2005.

Il Corral

Location: 662 North Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Stats: 84 shows featuring 534 sets (6.4 sets per show), all co-hosted with Jon San Nicolas

Performers: 267 artists / bands, 6 DJs / VJs, 12 filmmakers / screenings, 5 co-presenters, 1 comedian, 1 chef

Mon 7.25.05 – Monday Night test run featuring the cast & crew of Eon Mckai’s Kill Girl Kill 2, DJ Don Bolles, Buff Monster, more
Mon 8.1.05 – FM Bats, Haircut Mountain Transit, Buko Pan Guerra, Szandora, Ugly Shyla, DJ Don Bolles
Mon 8.8.05 – The Top Drawer, The Sweet Things, the films of Kelly Sears
Mon 8.15.05 – Fireworks, Singing Sadie, Terrors, Zef Renirhs
Mon 8.22.05 – Books On Tape, Brown Recluse, Bubonic Plague, Michael Lucid, Pretty Thingsss
Mon 8.29.05 – Buko Pan Guerra, Erebus Nyx & Styx, Holy Curtain, Laco$te, Les Confidentes, Magic Bullets
Mon 9.12.05 – The Superstars of Satanarchy featuring Dog Shit Taco, Harassor, Szandora, Warm Climate, William Burgess’ Suburban Bleach screening
Mon 9.19.05Re-Penetrator Release Party with Joanna Angel, Totally Mag, New Collapse, Art of Bleeding
Mon 9.26.05 – Abe Vigoda, Hustler White, Wet Confetti
Mon 10.3.05 – Vegan Dinner Party with Chef Joshua Ploeg, Christie Scott, Nora Keyes
Mon 10.10.05 – Monday Night Graduation featuring Erebus Nyx & Styx, Harassor, Misterloveless, My Sexual Dad
Mon 10.17.05 – The Most Shocking Film Fest Ever featuring William Burgess, 60 Watt Kid, Clowns & Fetuses
Sat 10.22.05 – Neu Wave Zombie Prom with the cast & crew of Eon Mckai’s Neu Wave Hookers, Micro, Go-Go 2.0
Mon 10.24.05 – The Best of Il Corral (Part 1) with Bulbs, Fireworks, FM Bats, Michael Lucid, Pretty Thingsss, The Top Drawer, Universal Baltimore
Mon 10.31.05 – Il Corral Halloween featuring Anavan, Explogasm, Halloween Swim Team, I.E., Laco$te, DJs Em & Em
Mon 11.7.05 – Boogdish, Experimental Dental School, Hott Lungs, The Pope, Tunnel of Love

Erin Allen Brizzah Il Corral Sean Carnage

Erin Allen and Brizzah, November 2005.

Mon 11.14.05 – Silver Daggers, Child Pornography, Holy Curtain
Mon 11.21.05 – Archeocetes, Attractive & Popular, Corndawg, Hot Girls Cool Guys, Militant Children’s Hour, Naked on the Vague, Night Wounds
Mon 11.28.05 – 60 Watt Kid, Creekbird, Dame Darcy, Nora Keyes
Mon 12.5.05 – Abe Vigoda, Bad Reaction, Mika Miko, Reverend Mitcz, Toxic Loincloth
Mon 12.12.05 – Totally Gay Night co-presented by Totally Mag featuring Go-Go 2.0, Hott Lungs, Nosajthing, Prayer Partner, The Barbarellas, The Pencils
Mon 12.19.05 – Bedroom Walls, Buko Pan Guerra, Rich Hyatt short film program
Mon 12.26.05 – Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Boxing Day Holiday Mega-Party featuring Christian Dior, HEALTH, Hott Lungs, Knight Rider, Night Wounds
Mon 1.2.06 – Brett Cutts, Foot Foot, John Gake, The Amazements, Veer Right Young Pastor
Mon 1.9.06 – Dudman, NK6, Knife Fight, Apathetic Ronald McDonald (AxRxM), Hit Me Back

Knife Fight Il Corral Sean Carnage

Knife Fight, January 2006.

Mon 1.16.06 – The Curse of El Topo featuring Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo, Claire McKeown, William Burgess, Karen Centerfold
Mon 1.23.06 – Totally Mag release party with Nora Keyes, Prayer Partner, Lily Marlene & Don Bolles, Karen Centerfold
Mon 1.30.06 – A Tribute to Tribute Bands featuring Anavan, Bipolar Bear, Books On Tape, Captain Ahab, Gowns, Laco$te, Nilbog, On and Off Superfast, Whitman
Mon 2.6.06 – HEALTH, Holi Buffaglow, Holy Curtain, Tik//tik
Mon 2.13.06 – Silencio Recordings night featuring Hello Astronaut Goodbye Television, Jesus Makes a Shotgun Sound, Kyoka, Laco$te, Prayer Partner, Sea Beasts
Mon 2.20.06 – Bizzart, Browningham, Demonslayer, Toney?, White Trash Firecracker
Mon 2.27.06 – HEALTH, Holi Buffaglow, Jeremy Jay, Mika Miko, Regina Cherene
Mon 3.6.0640 Bands / 80 Minutes! live taping featuring Abe Vigoda, The Amazements, Anavan, Asthmatique, Bacon Tears Up Business, Bavab Bavab, Bipolar Bear, Bizzart vs. Demonslayer, Camarillo Blues Triangle, Captain Ahab, William Caruso’s Wet Hot Social Anxiety, Karen Centerfold, Christ With Braces, Clowns & Fetuses, Creekbird, Debaser, Dog Shit Taco, Dommm, Erebus Nyx & Styx, Explogasm, Extreme Dubble Bubble, Faux For Real, Fireworks, Gowns, Kate Hall & Elijah Forrest, Halloween Swim Team, Harassor, William C. Harrington, HEALTH, The Health Club, I Heart Lung, I Rape Nick Lachey, Lovetongueattack, Mitchell Brown, Naomi Elizabeth, No Age, Nosajthing, The Outfit, Parkinsons, Slutty Knuckles, Sykora, \\\, Toxic Loincloth, Unwrinkled Doctor, Veer Right Young Pastor, Warm Climate, Weekend Warrior, Rob Williams, White Trash Firecracker, Whitman, Wives, Xanaar

Mon 3.13.06 – Karen Centerfold’s Birthday Party featuring Abiku, Anni Rossi, Cavern vs. Caipirinha, Nora Keyes, Redglare, Warm Climate
Mon 3.20.06 – International Workers Day co-presented with Anarchy Jordan featuring Weekend Warrior and film screening of Fernando Arrabal’s Guernica Tree, Richard Serra’s Television Delivers People, Henry Hills’ Money
Mon 3.27.06 – Foot Foot, Terrors, Bavab Bavab, Mammal Eggs, The Amazements
Mon 4.3.06 – Veer Right Young Pastor, The Prayers, Carnivorous Birds, On And Off Superfast
Mon 4.10.06 – Captain Ahab, Mad Happy, Books On Tape, Your Mother’s Lover, Faux For Real
Mon 4.17.06 – Yeaster with Explogasm, Dahlia, Totally Radd!!, Booburg
Mon 4.24.06 – Child Pornography, Erebus Nyx & Styx, Boogdish, Formaldehyde Junkies
Mon 5.1.06 – I Rape Nick Lachey, Ho-Ag!, HEALTH, Blue Silk Sutures, Toxic Loincloth, Knight Rider
Mon 5.8.06 – A++, Debaser, Sasquatch U.S.A., Hello Fever, Asthmatique
Mon 5.15.06 – William Caruso’s Wet Hot Social Anxiety, The Casual Lust, Wooly Mammoth, John Gake, Devon Williams & the Grunge Gods
Mon 5.22.06 – Master Chef Joshua Ploeg returns! Il Corral Monday night regulars appreciation party featuring Mtn. Home, Shag Tapestry, Holloy
Mon 5.29.06 – A Tribute To Tribute Bands Part Deux! Featuring Paloma Parfrey / Sharp Ease / Bellow & Howl, Nosajthing / Dommm / Kyle H. Mabson, Dog Shit Taco, Regina Cherene, Foot Foot, Marfa Lights All-Star Jam Band

Regina Cherene Jason Il Corral Sean Carnage

Regina Cherene & Jason, May 2006.

Mon 6.5.06 – Alexis Gideon, Dogme 95, Animental, Bobby Birdman, Faux For Real
Mon 6.12.06 – Cock In Black, Xanaar, Create!, Ninja Academy, Worms
Mon 6.19.06 – Books On Tape, The Pope, Dog Shit Taco, Bavab Bavab, Anchors For Architects, Prayer Partner
Mon 6.26.06 – Visit Me In The Frozen Torso Heap, The Amazements, Camarillo Blues Triangle, Nosajthing
Mon 7.3.06 – Robin Williams On Fire, Rib Bib, Macka, A++, Faux For Real, Your Mother’s Lover, Under Mountains, DJ Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 7.10.06 – Nilbog, Creekbird, Vodka Had Russia, William Carusos Wet Hot Social Anxiety, Happy Hollows
Mon 7.17.06 – A++, Parenthetical Girls, Reindeer Tiger Team, Color Wheel, Lovetongueattack, Moothart
Mon 7.24.06 – Pretty Thigh, HEALTH, Sea Org, Asthmatique, Foot Foot
Mon 7.31.06 – Wizard Club 2006 CD Release Mega-party on Two Stages! featuring Robin Williams On Fire, Chuff Chuff, Warm Climate, Water Bears, Attractive & Popular, Marfa And Ne-af
Mon 8.7.06 – Family Underground, Quintana Roo, Damion Romero, William C. Harrington, Brother Mitya, PMP-Disk
Mon 8.14.06 – Anavan, Toecutter, Ettrick, Oaxacan, Knight Rider, Ora Cogan
Mon 8.21.06 – The Punks, PoPoMusic, 60 Watt Kid, Holy Curtain, Books On Tape

Il Corral Sean Carnage Captain Ahab

Captain Ahab, August 2006.

Mon 8.28.06 – Monday Nights One Year Anniversary featuring Abe Vigoda, The Pope, Captain Ahab
Mon 9.4.06 – Bob Bellerue and Kyle H. Mabson, Bizzart, I Heart Lung, Middian, New Orleans Is A Dead Museum, Juan The Mannequin
Mon 9.11.06Punishment Park screening, John Cage 4’33” by Mabson-Carnage-Borges, Rib Bib
Mon 9.18.06 – Barr, Elphaba, The Assailant, Deep Jew, Powdered Wigs vs. Chariots Of Fire
Mon 9.25.06 – Alexis Gideon, Shelley Short, Bacon Tears Up Business, Poingly
Mon 10.2.06 – The Amazements, Knight Rider, Ex-Oblivione, Rumspringa
Mon 10.23.06 – Abe Vigoda, National Sunday Law, The Pope, The Sea Beasts
Mon 10.30.06 – Helloween featuring Bizzart, I Heart Lung, Robin Williams On Fire, Macka
Mon 11.6.06 – A++, Attakr, Creekbird, David Kendall, Unneccessary Surgery
Mon 11.13.06 – Creekbird, Daniel Francis Doyle, HEALTH, The Lights, The Mae Shi, The Pope

Il Corral Mae Shi Bret Berg

The Mae Shi / HEALTH audience, November 2006.

Fri 11.17.06 – Buddy Holy, Monsters From Mars, Nilbog, Rumspringa
Sun 11.19.0640 Bands / 80 Minutes! after party featuring Ponce De Leon
Mon 11.20.06 – The Vonneguts, The New Bloods, Knight Rider, Whitman, Nosajthing, Creekbird, Vegan Murderers
Sat 11.25.06 – Macro-Eden Compilation release party featuring Debaser, Hop-Frog’s Drum Jester Devotional, I Heart Lung, Whitman, John Thill
Mon 11.27.0640 Bands / 80 Minutes! DVD Release Party featuring Creekbird, The Holidays, Alexis Gideon, Naomi Elizabeth & Die Rocker Die
Mon 12.4.06 – Totally 2 Gay Night featuring Rib Bib, Faggot, Gay Beast, The Munchers, Mad Happy, DJ Margot Padilla
Fri 12.8.06 – Weird Weeds, Brother Mitya, Vaginals, Bavab Bavab, William C. Harrington
Mon 12.11.06 – The Top Drawer, 14-Year-Old Girls, The Amazements, Bark Bark Bark, The Pristines, Tik//tik

Jon San Nicolas Jacob Safari Il Corral 2006

Jon San Nicolas, December 2006.

Wed 12.27.06 – Rulin’ Yule Monday on a Wednesday featuring Attractive & Popular, Cockwind, Oouh
Mon 1.8.07 – Andrew Jackson Jihad, Beach Balls, Bleachy Bleachy Bleach, Laco$te, Narwhalz (of sound), Porches, Robin Williams On Fire, This Song Is A Mess But So Am I, Treasure Mammal, Yvonne
Mon 1.15.07 – Bad Latino, Captain Ahab, Fag Bashers, HEALTH, Yabloki, DJ Margot Padilla, “free bro porn for 1st 200”
Mon 1.22.07 – Birds of Every Flavor, John Thill, Lost Books of the Bible, Smooth Grooves, Ultraviolet
Sat 1.27.07 – Il Corral Benefit featuring Anavan, Crooked Cowboy, Bizzart, DJ BJ, DJ Jonathan Snipes
Mon 1.29.07 – Abe Vigoda, Atole, Friends of Dennis Wilson, Love Pentagon, On and Off Superfast, The New Motherfuckers
Mon 2.5.07 – Alexis Gideon, Future America, Ima Fucking Gymnist, Moment Trigger, Ponce De Leon
Mon 2.12.07 – St. Valentine’s Gay co-presented with Totally Mag featuring Robin Williams On Fire, Macka, The Pristines, Alexis Gideon, Chef Joshua Ploeg, Kate Hall & Elijah Forrest, Margot Padilla
Mon 2.19.07 – Abe Vigoda, Alexis Gideon, Querent, The New Bloods, Trandrew, Vaginals

Il Corral Rox cake by Jenna

“Il Corral Rox Monday Nite” cake, January 2007. Thanks, Jenna.

Pehrspace Sean Carnage Monday Nights

Dan Deacon, September 2011.


Location: 325 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Stats: 347 shows featuring 2042 sets (5.9 sets per show)

Performers: 890 artists / bands, 55 DJs / VJs, 24 special events, 22 co-presenters, 8 comedians, 4 filmmakers / screenings, 3 chefs

Mon 3.5.07 – Telepathik Friend, Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Fireworks, The Amazements, The Doers, Minivan
Fri 3.9.07 – Anavan, Anchors for Architects, Clipd Beaks, Late Severa Wires
Mon 3.12.07 – Bitter Homes & Gardens, Destroy Tokyo, Doe, I Heart Lung, Modernstate, Tinhorn Justice
Sun 3.18.07 – Vernal Equinox Fest night 1 with Wham City featuring Dan Deacon, Video Hippos, Blood Baby, Santa Dads, Butt Stomach plus Josh Taylor & Friends, Alexis Gideon, Lucky Dragons, Fortress Of Amplitude
Mon 3.19.07 – Vernal Equinox Fest night 2 featuring Laco$te, Paris Hilton Motherfuckers, MVP, Treasure Mammal, Mannequin Makeout, Ex-Oblivione, Your Mother’s Lover
Mon 3.26.07 – Ladies Night featuring Nora Keyes, Foot Foot, Buko Pan Guerra, Regina Cherene, Premature Burial, VV Morgue
Mon 4.2.07 – Ape Rules part 1 featuring Foot Village, Anavan, HEALTH, A++, DJ Ned Learner, DJ Paula Poundstone, DJ McAllister, DJ Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 4.9.07 – TV Sheriff & the Trail Buddies, Atole, The Lunar Project, Bon Voyage, America’s Top Kazooist contest
Mon 4.16.07 – Aja, Anavan, Clan of the Cave Bear, Dommm, Magic Fingers, Sea Org, This Song Is A Mess But So Am I
Mon 4.23.07 – Agape, Anavan, Beach Balls, Laco$te, Destructo Bunny, Macka, DJ Big TV
Mon 4.30.07 – Captain Ahab, Anavan, Poingly, I.E., Frozen Body, Man Beast, DJs Celebrity Gossip
Fri 5.4.07 – Abe Vigoda, Cheveu, Ima Fucking Gymnist, Mika Miko, Tyvek, DJ Big TV
Mon 5.7.07 – Fireworks, Ing, Little Light, Mad Gregs

NASA Space Universe Pehrspace

NASA Space Universe, October 2007.

Mon 5.14.07 – Jessica Catron, John Thill, Knight Rider, Refrigerator, Team Andrew, Whitman, Zombelle
Mon 5.21.07 – Cristopher Cichocki, Halloween Swim Team, Wah Wah Exit Wound, Warm Climate
Fri 5.25.07 – Abe Vigoda, Anchors for Architects, The Mae Shi, Maria
Mon 5.28.07 – L.A. Punk BBQ featuring Bow + Arrow, Fuckin’ A, Not Yeti, Roman Gabriel Todd, The Dead Hippies
Sun 6.3.07 – Anavan, Big Digits, Bon Voyage, Hawnay Troof
Mon 6.4.07 – Chief Death Rage, I Can’t Read!, Modernstate
Mon 6.11.07 – Beach Balls, HEALTH, My Other Car Is a Gun, Robin Williams On Fire, Rose for Bohdan
Mon 6.18.07 – Dan Deacon, HEALTH, Juiceboxxx, Knight Rider, Video Hippos
Mon 6.25.07 – Abe Vigoda, HEALTH, The Mae Shi, Upsilon Acrux
Mon 7.2.07 – Ex-Oblivione, Hard Place, Laco$te, Lovetongueattack, ME-OX & The Wildlife Crew, Sad Panda
Mon 7.9.07 – Doubleplusgood, Honor Bed, I.E., Moothart
Thu 7.19.07 – Calendar Girls, Naomi Elizabeth, The Amazements, Wylie Cable & Will Kreppel
Mon 7.23.07 – Outsider Folk 8 featuring Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities, Voice On Tape, Mycroft Holmes, Zombelle, Missincinatti, Old Shoes
Mon 7.30.07 – Bob Bellerue, Bon Voyage, The Mae Shi, Treasure Mammal
Mon 8.6.07 – Monday Nights 2nd Anniversary featuring Amps for Christ, Au, Foot Foot
Mon 8.13.07 – Bad Parents, Ex-Pets, Flaspar, Foot Foot, Lucky Dragons, Social Junk
Mon 8.20.07 – Foot Foot, The Rolltop Loys, Two Sheds, Chuff Chuff
Mon 8.27.07 – Bizzart, DJ Stereotype, Foot Foot, I Heart Lung, Red Pony Clock, Rheteric
Sat 9.1.07 – Brizzah Benefit featuring Anchors for Architects, Bon Voyage, Foot Village, I.E., John Thill, Pizza!, Tik//tik, Whitman

Winners Pehrspace Eva Aguila

Winners, January 2008.

Mon 9.3.07 – Friends In Other Dimensions prep party #1 featuring Anavan, DJ Big TV, Margot Padilla, The Pope
Mon 9.10.07 – Friends In Other Dimensions prep party #2 featuring 14-Year-Old Girls, Kim & Greg, Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 9.17.07 – Friends In Other Dimensions prep party #3 featuring Captain Ahab, Foot Village, DJ Mae Shi
Mon 9.24.07 – Friends In Other Dimensions production featuring HEALTH
Fri 9.28.07 – Friends In Other Dimensions production featuring Ty Segall, Munchers, Bark Bark Bark, Bad Dudes
Sat 9.29.07 – Friends In Other Dimensions production featuring 14Year Old Girls, Kyle H. Mabson, Anavan, Laco$te, Weekend Warrior, Robin Williams On Fire, Tik//tik, I.E., Holi Buffaglow
Sun 9.30.07 – Friends In Other Dimensions production featuring Abe Vigoda, Team Andrew, Bon Voyage, Juiceboxxx, Foot Village, The Mae Shi
Mon 10.1.07 – Gowns, John Thill, Little Teeth, Whitman
Mon 10.8.07 – NASA Space Universe, Widow Babies, Le Face, Bad Parents
Mon 10.15.07 – Cristopher Cichocki, Foot Village, Kevin Shields, Monstruro, Sword Heaven, Unnecessary Surgery, Youth of the Beast
Mon 10.22.07 – Bon Voyage, ME-OX & The Wildlife Crew, Pink Enemy
Mon 10.29.07 – Anavan, Casy + Brian, Do ‘N Dudes, John Thill, Laco$te, Vaginals, Whitman
Mon 11.12.07 – Lair, Realicide, Sonelle, Tik//tik, Tongues & Teeth, Vankmen
Mon 11.19.07 – Big Epoch, Bizzart, DJ Inner Space, Married in Berdichev, Rheteric
Mon 11.26.07 – Bark Bark Bark, Goes Calypso vs. Prisoner of Vampires, Holi Buffaglow, Kyle H. Mabson, The Amazements

Best Band Ever Pehrspace

Best Band Ever, September 2009.

Mon 12.3.07 – Casy James, DJ Dog Dick, Human Hands, Little Teeth, Mat Brinkman, Right Hand Band, Sisprum Vish, Tusco Terror
Mon 12.10.07 – Bul!m!atron, Creekbird, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, No Restraint, Pehrspace, The Monolators
Mon 1.7.08 – Caruso Caruso, Dommm, Flaspar
Mon 1.14.08 – Captain Ahab, Infinite Body, Miss Melvis, Monstruro, Narwhalz (of sound), Red Hot Silly Peppers
Mon 1.21.08 – Cole Miller, Eustachian, Suruchai, Dreamhouse, Winners, DJ the Flashbulb
Mon 1.28.08 – Battlehooch, Brother, Destroy Tokyo, Dreamhouse, Heavy Fave, Kuato, NASA Space Universe
Mon 2.4.08 – Curated by Mitchell Brown featuring Chef Andy Ben, Barry Conley, Carla Bozulich & Nels Cline, DJ Professor Cantaloupe, Foot Village, Jeff Boynton, Scarnella, Sonelle
Mon 2.11.08 – Curated by Mitchell Brown featuring HEALTH, Dinosaurs With Horns, Everybody, Oscillator, Rick Potts, Kyle H. Mabson, DJ Mahssa, DJ Professor Cantaloupe
Mon 2.18.08 – Anni Rossi, Mad Gregs, Team Andrew, Ema & the Ghosts, Jim McCray, Joe Davancens
Mon 2.25.08 – Cristopher Cichocki, Nondor Nevai & Ben Wolcott, Halloween Swim Team, Rumspringa, Warm Climate, William Burgess
Mon 3.3.08 – The Amazements, You’re Not My Mother, Solar Wimp, Sichshifter, Knight Rider, Naomi Elizabeth
Mon 3.10.08 – NASA Space Universe, Subvacuum of Nothing, The Amazements, Twin Crystals
Mon 3.17.08 – Caruso Caruso, Skyline Electric, The Amazements, Walk, Widow Babies
Mon 3.24.08 – Justice Yeldham, Moment Trigger, Suzanne Silver, The Amazements, The Late Severa wires, Wisdom Teeth
Sun 3.30.08 – Pehrspace Benefit featuring The Mae Shi, John Thill, Deadlee, Team Andrew, Masterbeta, DJ Kyle H. Mabson, Ema & the Ghosts

Sister Mantos, September 2009.

Sister Mantos, September 2009.

Mon 3.31.08 – Whitman, Lucky Dragons, American Gil & The Major Dudes, PST, Clark 8, Dirt Dress
Mon 4.14.08 – 60 Watt Kid, E&E, I.E., Snacks
Mon 4.21.08 – Battlehooch, Right Hand Band, The Monolators
Mon 4.28.08 – BIRTH!, Fleshtone, Gabbertree, Realicide, Red Hot Thilly Peppers 360°
Mon 5.5.08 – Outsider Folk featuring Fort King, Monster, Mycroft Holmes, Sean Pineda, Tommy Santee Claws, Voice On Tape
Mon 5.12.08 – Afternoon Brother, Alas Alak Alaska!, Harey Sid Fisher, John Thill, Whitman
Mon 5.19.08 – Co-presented with KXLU-FM’s Demolisten featuring DJ Big TV, Jean-Paul Yamamoto, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Octavius Poirer, Rainbow Arabia
Mon 5.26.08 – Anavan, Attractive & Popular, Best Band Ever, Nanny Cantaloupe, The Oolies
Mon 6.2.08 – Allusions to Jazz, Infinite Body, Moment Trigger, Narwhalz (of sound)
Mon 6.9.08 – I.E., Red Hot Thilly Peppers 360°, Tik//tik, Treasure Mammal, Whitman
Mon 6.16.08 – American Gil & The Major Dudes, Cockpit feat. Randy Randall & Kyle H. Mabson, Hey Buddy & the Pals, John Thill
Mon 6.23.08 – Anavan, Holi Buffaglow, Smooth Grooves, Spellcaster, Vampire Pussy
Mon 6.30.08 – Cool in the Pool, Night 2 co-presented by Peter’s Poolboys featuring Guns ‘N Broses, Extreme Animals, Laco$te, The Amazements, Dommm, Hard Place, DJ Sara Tea
Mon 7.7.08 – Bryan Lewis Saunders, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Captain Ahab, Cristopher Cichocki, Kevin Shields
Fri 7.11.08 – Brother Mitya, Ezra Buchla, Gulliver, Guns ‘N Broses, John Thill, Lisa’s Sons, Steve Stevenson, The Barracks of Afghanistan, Whitman
Mon 7.14.08 – E&E, Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, Smell The Pressure, XXXtinct
Mon 7.21.08 – Destroy Tokyo, Neckhold, Stellaluna, Whitman, Zechs Marquise
Mon 7.28.08 – Everybody, Killsonic Marching Gang, Skyline Electric, Voodoo Organist
Mon 8.4.08 – Monday Nights 3-Year Anniversary featuring Big Nurse, BIRTH!, HEALTH DJ, I.E., MC Peter Moran, Sichshifter, Social Junk, The Amazements, The Monolators, Winners, Zaq Landsberg piñata

Pehrspace Parking Lot

Parking lot skate crew, May 2009.

Mon 8.11.08 – Co-presented with KXLU-FM’s Demolisten featuring Dogweed, Mi Ami, Pinched Nerve, Zaq Landsberg piñata de-install
Mon 8.18.08 – The Druid Underground Film Fest featuring Daniel Francis Doyle, Skull Kiss, William Burgess
Mon 8.25.08 – Casy + Brian, DJ NA, E&E, Foot Village, Icy Lytes, Tent City
Mon 9.1.08 – A Thirst for Blood Rockin in My Dick, Alexis Gideon, Carcrashlander, Kid Infinity, Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 9.8.08 – Adventure, Best Band Ever, Future Islands, Guns ‘N Broses, I.E., Sex-S
Mon 9.15.08 – Human Host, Gabbertree, John Thill, Michael Vidal, Bob Bellerue
Mon 9.22.08 – Caldera Lakes, Luna is Honey, Pizza!, Splinter Cake, The Monolators
Mon 9.29.08 – Laco$te, Bearries, Holy Water, Moment Trigger, Melanie Taylor Vail, Franken’s vegan hot dog stand, Photo booth by Adri Photography, DJ Sara Tea, DJ Kyle H. Mabson
Sat 10.4.08 – Eagle Rock Music Fest Secret Afterparty featuring Mika Miko, Gun Outfit, Nodzzz
Mon 10.6.08 – Black Church, Ilo Mar, Michael Vidal, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Team Andrew
Mon 10.13.08 – Dos, I Heart Lung, NASA Space Universe, The Amazements, Widow Babies
Mon 10.20.08 – Totally Mag Release Party featuring Band of Outsiders, I.E., Juiceboxxx, Tik//tik, Oscillator, Whitman, Wonder Wheel
Mon 10.27.08 – Gumshoe, Icy Lytes, Kawaiietly Please, Kid Infinity, The Keyishe
Mon 11.3.08 – Allusions to Jazz, Creekbird, Pizza!, The Monolators, Zombelle
Mon 11.10.08 – 60 Watt Kid, Billygoat, Manhattan Murder Mystery, The Health Club, The Monolators
Mon 11.17.08 – Fertile Crescent, Jim Merson’s Monster Mash, The Monolators, The Shirley Rolls, The Voyeurs
Mon 11.24.08 – Caldera Lakes, Cristina’s Puppet Show, Dugout Canoe, Ema & the Ghosts, Milton Melvin Croissant, The Monolators
Mon 12.1.08 – Faav!, Ghost Towne, Gumshoe, New No Age, No Age, The Tleilaxu Music Machine, E&E
Mon 12.8.08 – Aymeric Hainaux, Cristopher Cichocki, Halloween Swim Team, Realicide, Sikhara
Mon 12.15.08 – Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Gowns, Kevin Greenspon, No Paws (No Lions), Stellaluna, Uggamugga

BIRTH! and Karen Centerfold, December 2009.

BIRTH! and Karen Centerfold, December 2009.

Mon 12.22.08 – Holi Buffaglow, Ilo Mar, Kyle H. Mabson, Lord of a Thousand Frowns, Team Andrew
Mon 12.29.08 – 4 the Kids, Dommm, Italic Indian, Soloing Over Soloing Over Alanis Morissette, White Leopards
Mon 1.5.09 – French Quarter, Gay Beast, Kawaiietly Please, Moment Trigger, The Tleilaxu Music Machine
Mon 1.12.09 – The 1st Annual Pomona Rib Cookoff featuring Anavan, Jim Merson’s Monster Mash, Narwhalz (of sound), Steve Stevenson, The Mae Shi
Mon 1.19.09 – Narf Records Showcase featuring American Gil & The Major Dudes, Cock Block, Guitarded, I.E., Knight Rider, Pork Charles
Mon 1.26.09 – “Sun, Smog, and Hate” Phoenix/L.A. comp release party featuring Bri White, Foot Ox, Whitman, Clark 8, I.E., Voice On Tape, Guitarded
Mon 2.2.09 – Moment Trigger, Pedestrian Deposit, Protect Me, Terrors
Mon 2.9.09 – Showgirls, BIRTH!, Big Digits
Mon 2.16.09 – Heidi Ferrell, Puppy Dog, Vampire Pussy, E&E, Foot Village, Man’s Assassination Man
Mon 2.23.09 – Nicole Kidman, Paleo, Mycroft Holmes, Shelley Short, Alexis Gideon
Mon 3.2.09 – The Amazements, Michael Vidal, Protect Me, Destroyer Brains
Mon 3.9.09 – Bizzart, Oorutaichi, Pizza!, Walter Gross, Big Epoch, K!X 2.0, DJ Kenzo That Kid, DJ Nanny Cantaloupe
Mon 3.16.09 – Mad Happy, French Quarter, Hell-kite, The Seizure, Hello My Name is Red
Mon 3.23.09 – Mi Ami, Laco$te, American Gil & The Major Dudes, Explode Into Colors, Ganglians
Mon 3.30.09 – Kevin Greenspon, Boo And Boo Too, Rapid Youth, Realicide, Riddlin, DJ Kyle H. Mabson, Cock Block
Mon 4.6.09 – Secret Society Of The Sonic Six, Zombelle & The Haven of People Empowerment feat. The Satanistas, Dalmacio Von Diamond & The Enochian Keys, White Widow, Kim Fowley
Mon 4.13.09 – BIRTH!, Moment Trigger, Skull Kiss, The Monolators, Whitman
Mon 4.20.09 – Brian Miller’s “420” Birthday Bash co-presented with DeathbombArc featuring Bitches, Captain Ahab, I.E., Kid Rock II & the Barrio Ninjas, DJ A + M Records
Mon 4.27.09 – The Thing, The Voodoo Organist, Shannon Walter, Traps PS, DJ A + M Records
Sat 5.2.09 – Lara Daquila Art Opening, BBQ & concert featuring Abiku, Sex Negatives, Totally Ripped, Moment Trigger, DJ A + M Records

Mikki & the Mauses, January 2010.

Mikki & the Mauses, January 2010.

Mon 5.4.09 – No Paws (No Lions), Billygoat, Whitman, Nicole Kidman
Mon 5.11.09 – Sean Carnage & Peter’s Poolboys present Anavan, Flaspar, BIRTH!, Kylie Mabson, Fortress of Amplitude
Mon 5.18.09 – I.E. Cover Project featuring Juiceboxxx, Anavan, Foot Village, Cockwind, Kid Infinity, The Press Fire, BIRTH!, Whitman, Puppy Dog, A Vague Sound, E&E, I.E.
Mon 5.25.09 – Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Alexis Gideon, Shelley Short, Queen Victoria
Mon 9.7.09 – Abe Vigoda, I.E., Moment Trigger, Bro-Mags
Mon 9.14.09 – Knight Rider, Dadfag, Brotman & Short, Teen Beer
Mon 9.21.09 – Captain Ahab, The Monolators, Basses Loaded, & Odd Modern
Mon 9.28.09 – Derachine, Bestial Mouths, Sister Mantos, Shane Shane, & Goes Calypso
Mon 10.5.09 – The Amazements, No Paws (No Lions), Alph, Aristides
Mon 10.12.09 – Sex Worker, Whitman, Psychic Reality, Clark 8, Nothingberry Plasma, Evil Spirits
Mon 10.19.09 – Mikki & The Mauses, Art of Bleeding, Single Mothers, Spellcaster
Mon 10.26.09 – Noisy Pig, Joey Casio, Cock Block, David Liebe Hart, Ordnungsamt, Güf Trüp
Mon 11.2.09 – Dia de los Muertos! with I.E., Dicso Bunny, Hello My Name Is Red, Bastidas
Mon 11.9.09 – Moment Trigger, Bow + Arrow, Vulture, L.A. Public Library
Fri 11.13.09 – Extreme Animals, Captain Ahab, Nero’s Day at Disneyland, Tik//tik, Hot Topic
Mon 11.16.09 – Battlehooch, Hiking, The Seizure, Vampire Pussy, DJ Big Gulp
Mon 11.23.09 – Former Ghosts, Whitman, Cock Block, Brother Mitya, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Voice On Tape
Fri 11.27.09 – _ Quarterly party! NASA Space Universe, W.H.I.T.E., Twin Lion, Dva Damas, Swagger Dagger
Mon 11.30.09 – Batwings Catwings, The Choke, Aristides, Trudgers, DJ Papa Scroach
Mon 12.7.09 – Pizza!, Signals, Gone to Croatan, Gull, & DJ Papa Scroach
Mon 12.14.09 – BIRTH!, Moment Trigger, Psychic Handbook, A Vague Sound, Mixed Up Mess, DJ Coffee Shop

Abe Vigoda, February 2010.

Abe Vigoda, February 2010.

Mon 12.21.09 – No Babies, Snowsuit, Cock Block, Kevin Greenspon, Nicole Kidman, Terrors, DJ D Shot
Mon 12.28.09 – The Myonics, Blessure Grave, Swagger Dagger, Kid Infinity, Mr. Objects, DJ Sack O Hats
Mon 1.4.10 – Batwings Catwings, The Girl With Violent Arms, Chuff Chuff, Garden State, DJ Pretzel Dix
Mon 1.11.10 – Mikki & The Mauses, Thurston Moore Is A Faggot, Elijah Crampton, Tik//tik, Tenlons Fort
Mon 1.18.10 – Knight Rider, Symbolik Jews, Penny Sledge, The Deepsea Goes
Mon 1.25.10 – The 2nd Annual Pomona Rib Cookoff Pt. 1 featuring Cockwind, Stress Ape, Warm Streams, The Choke, Kill Kill Kill, DJ Animal Collective
Mon 2.1.10 – Kyle H. Mabson Birthday Jam with Abe Vigoda, xBoxRox, Breezee One, Signals, Simo Soo
Mon 2.8.10 – BIRTH! CD release, Realicide, Nicole Kidman, Moment Trigger, Heligoats
Mon 2.15.10 – Shower, Kevin Greenspon, W.H.I.T.E.
Mon 2.22.10 – Nicole Kidman, Ellie Fortune, Mason Lindahl, Subtle Selves
Mon 3.1.10 – Eric Andre, Juiceboxxx, Cup ‘O Noodles, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, DJ Dougg Pound
Mon 3.8.10 – Kyoka, Bambara, Summer of Glaciers, Hellomynameischad
Mon 3.15.10 – The So So Glos, Batwings Catwings, The Lovely Bad Things, Protect Me
Mon 3.22.10 – Moment Trigger, Whitman, Orca Team, David Liebe Hart & Adam Papagan, Splinter Cake
Mon 3.29.10 – Sexy Crimes, Luna is Honey, Kevin Greenspon, Dazzle Ships
Mon 4.5.10 – Fangs, Rare Grooves, Real Noriegas, Hello My Name Is Red
Mon 4.12.10 – Nuexpe, Monolators, The Seizure, NaNa & the Happy Cats, Os Waffles
Mon 4.19.10 – 420 Observance with XBXRX, Narwhalz (of sound), Juiceboxxx, Neon Navajo
Thu 4.22.10 – Chelsea Wolfe, Voice On Tape, Motorcycle Maus, Felt Drawings
Mon 4.26.10 – Knight Rider, Baths, Wet Mango, Wonder Wheel, DJ Mikhai
Mon 5.3.10 – Cockwind, Daniel Francis Doyle, Dwyer’s Corneas, Western Popular

Juiceboxxx, March 2010.

Juiceboxxx, March 2010.

Mon 5.10.10 – 400 Cloaks, DJ Marijuana Weed, Let Go Of The Rail, Whitman, Güf Trüp, Slime Queen
Mon 5.17.10 – Top Hat Entertainment, Psychic Handbook, Syndrome WPW, Back To The Future The Ride
Mon 5.24.10 – Essay, Bongo Fury, I.E., Voice On Tape, Whisky Dick, & DJ Vegan Share the Road
Mon 5.31.10 – Former Ghosts, Bitches, Nicole Kidman, Manicorn, Soloing Over Alanis Morrissette
Mon 6.7.10 – Cochina After Party with No Babies, John Thill, Whitman, Nora Keyes, BYODeath
Mon 6.14.10 – The Myonics, Mason Lindahl, Michael Saalman, Jordan Knecht
Mon 6.21.10 – NASA Space Universe, Shearing Pinx, Nu Sensae, Bad Party, Penalty Box, Saturn
Mon 6.28.10 – Vulture, Fuckass & the Grease Patrol, Treasure Mammal, Cold Mold, Jamuel Saxon
Mon 7.5.10 – Bizzart, Skrapez, Walter Gross, Evolve, Symbolik Jews
Sat 7.10.10 – XBXRX, Gay Beast, Raw War, Sisterfucker, NASA Space Universe
Mon 7.12.10 – Kid Infinity, Myths, Professor Calculus, Hyena, Casa Fantastica, DJ The Dirty Mop
Mon 7.19.10 – No Paws (No Lions), Eyes, Jesus is Angry, Cocklords
Mon 7.26.10 – The Emotron, Mikki & The Mauses, Wet Mango, The Tleilaxu Music Machine, Organ Trail
Mon 8.2.10 – Monday’s 5th Birthday with Guns ‘N Broses, MC Peter Moran, Justice Yeldham & more
Sat 8.7.10 – TETRICIDE closing party with Baseck, Juiceboxxx, I.E., Graffiti Monsters
Mon 8.9.10 – Essay, Amir Coyle, Xenia Shin’s bday, Pehr mass marriage
Mon 8.16.10 – Skyline Electric, Ghost Animal, Total Fang, Max Beast
Mon 8.23.10 – Real Noriegas, White Fang, Sexhair, Blood Beach
Mon 8.30.10 – Physical Forms, Nicole Kidman, Generation, Dimples, So Many Wizards
Mon 9.6.10 – NASA Space Universe, The Emotron, Terraform, Stag Bitten, Okie Dokie
Mon 9.13.10 – Diamond Catalog, Halloween Swim Team, Vehicle Blues, Kevin Greenspon, ige*timer, Peter Moran
Mon 9.20.10 – Captain Ahab, Narwhalz (of sound), W.H.I.T.E., Hosannas
Mon 9.27.10 – Violence + Negativity, Calipz, M31, Upsilon Acrux, Moment Trigger
Sat 10.2.10 – High Castle, Zulus, NASA Space Universe, Toe Jam

Vice Cooler and Kyle H. Mabson run the dance party, April 2010.

Vice Cooler and Kyle H. Mabson run the dance party, April 2010.

Mon 10.4.10 – Kevin Blechdom, Universal Studios Florida, Byron Westbrook, Wah Wah Exit Wound, BTTFTR
Mon 10.11.10 – The Tleilaxu Music Machine release party, Nymph, Monolators, Tujunga
Mon 10.18.10 – Folktale Fest with No Paws (No Lions), Whitman, Nicole Kidman, Clark 8, Stellaluna, Ezra Buchla
Mon 10.25.10 – BIRTH!, Kevin Shields, Pedestrian Deposit, Slaves, Josie Bunnie
Mon 11.1.10 – Essay, Blok, Ryan G. Hinds, Shams, Diamond Catalog
Mon 11.8.10 – Dicso Bunny, Daniel Francis Doyle, Amir Coyle, Cruddy, Soloing Over Alanis Morisette
Mon 11.15.10 – Laco$te release party, Captain Ahab, Oscillator, I.E., DJ Sara Tea
Mon 11.22.10 – Halloween Swim Team, Dreamgoatz, Religious Girls, Luna is Honey, The Lingonberries
Mon 11.29.10 – Corima, Symbolik Jews, Use Value, Anomalie & the Speakeasy Earth
Mon 12.6.10 – Cristopher Cichocki curates with Robedoor, Warm Climate, RGB
Mon 12.13.10 – Big Whup premiere party with Kid Static, David Liebe Hart Band, Peter Pants, curated videos
Mon 12.20.10 – Michael Nhat album party with Voice On Tape, Fantastica Bastidas, So Many Wizards
Mon 12.27.10 – Skull Tape, Captain Ahab, Jon Barba, Kevin Greenspon, Trudgers
Mon 1.3.11 – Real Noriegas, Vietnambla, Summer Twins, Mock Duck
Mon 1.10.11 – Narwhalz (of sound), Black Light Jim Morrison, Mikki & The Mauses, Lolly Gesserit
Mon 1.17.11 – The Tleilaxu Music Machine, Melted Cassettes, Shane Shane, Son Cats, BYODeath
Mon 1.24.11 – “Tear Fest” with Former Ghosts, Whitman, Jon Barba, No Paws (No Lions), Splinter Cake

No Babies, June 2010.

No Babies, June 2010.

Mon 1.31.11 – K Mabs Birthday Party featuring Child Pornography, Robin Williams On Fire, Soloing Over Alanis Morissette, Agape, Halloween Swim Team, MC Peter Moran
Mon 2.7.11 – Religious Girls, Moon Pearl, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Dealer
Mon 2.14.11 – Dicso Bunny, Narwhal Party, C.J. Boyd, 333 Boyz, Koban
Mon 2.21.11 – Dirtbike Puppet Theatre, Megan Boyd Puppet Funeral, Heroes of Popular Wars, Cobra Lillies
Mon 2.28.11 – The Seizure release party feat. Wet Mango, Happy New Year, Literature, & Miss Josie Bunnie
Mon 3.7.11 – No Babies, hrs/dys, Simo Soo, E&E, Laco$te, Stepfather
Mon 3.14.11 – Tujunga, Injurd Ninja, Arises, Coup Pigeons, Sexhair, Forced into Femininity
Mon 3.21.11 – Vaz, Chapter 24, W.H.I.T.E., Space Age Bachelor
Mon 3.28.11 – Metal Monday with Foot Village, Evangelist, Phalgeron, Corima
Mon 4.4.11 – High Castle, Stab City, Animal Eye, Green Screen Door
Mon 4.11.11 – Michael Nhat, Broken Figures, Bizzart, Verbs, NaNa & the Happy Cats
Mon 4.18.11 – Abiku, The Tleilaxu Music Machine, Monomate, Buk Buk Bigups, Animals On Coke, Stripper Pussy
Mon 4.25.11 – Amir Coyle, Dadfag, Felt Drawings, Halloween Swim Team, Stay Cool Forever
Mon 5.2.11 – I Love You, NOW, Chen Santa Maria, This Invitation
Mon 5.9.11 – Roses Jade Camellia, Penelope Edmund, David Liebe Hart Band, Dream Being
Mon 5.16.11 – Metal Monday II with Harassor, Vulture, Bitches, Brohammer
Mon 5.23.11 – Captain Ahab, Creepy Marbles, Craig, Phaxanation & the Dust Kickers, Greenlander, Mic Ra
Mon 6.6.11 – Juiceboxxx, Vice Cooler, The New Dreamz feat. Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Secret Friends, Kroyclub
Mon 6.20.11 – No Babies, Jon Barba, Whitman, ThunderSnail, Knight Rider, Mom
Mon 6.27.11 – Metal Monday III with Slum Witch, Stag Bitten, Nasalrod, Animals On Coke, Omaha, William Burgess

Mon 7.4.11 – Guns ‘N Broses, Captain Ahab, DJ Poweraxe, DJ Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 7.11.11 – Kevin Greenspon, Lee Noble, Ancient Crux, Nima
Mon 7.18.11 – Religious Girls, Naked Kids, Essay, Creepy Marbles
Mon 7.25.11 – Jew Cocks, Vietnambla, The Diet Thrills Foreman, Buk Buk Bigups, Koo Koo Kanga Roo
Mon 8.1.11 – Sisterfucker, Geoff Geis, Mind Cemetery, Monolators
Mon 8.8.11 – Fancy Space People, Billy Bill Miller from Roky Erickson’s Aliens, The Myonics, The Seizure, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Gnarbaby
Mon 8.15.11 – Corima, Vitamins, Hyena, GED
Mon 8.22.11 – Baglady, Clipping, MC Gaff E, Secret Friends, The Strokes (Not A Cover Band)
Mon 8.29.11 – No Babies, Whitman, Essay, Amir Coyle, Sexting
Mon 9.5.11 – Val Kilmer, Dan Deacon, Future Islands, Lucky Dragons, Jon Barba, DJ Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 9.12.11 – René Hell, Positive Shadow, Bleak End at Bernie’s, Matthewdavid, DJ Craig
Mon 9.19.11 – Metal Monday IV with Poweraxe, Abhor, Ace Diamond Experience, Bachsung
Mon 9.26.11 – Cigarette Bums, Starskate, All Your Sisterz, Coup Pigeons
Mon 10.3.11 – Phantastica, Peter Pants, Peg Leg Love, Aftergloam
Mon 10.10.11 – Metal Monday V with Low Places, Phlegathon, Daniel Francis Doyle, Sirion, host Ace Diamond
Mon 10.17.11 – Mothers Of Gut, The Deepsea Goes, Kevin Greenspon, Bridgetown Recs doc premiere
Mon 10.24.11 – Sean Carnage & Adult Swim present a sneak preview of the new Eric Andre Show *LIVE* at Pehrspace featuring DJ Dougg Pound, Eric Andre, Rick Shapiro, Wife’s A Bitch (member of Hella), Andre Hyland, Emma Stone, Savion Glover, Kid Rock, plus Verbs, Juiceboxxx
Mon 10.31.11 – Guns ‘N Broses, Captain Ahab, Cristopher Cichocki, Barfth, Greenlander
Mon 11.7.11 – Bai Ling, Big Digits, Ace Diamond, Trenton Willey
Mon 11.14.11 – Soulja Boy the Movie premiere, Our Brother the Native, Pregnant, Dithyramb
Mon 11.21.11 – M31, The Tleilaxu Music Machine, So Wrong, Creepy Marbles
Mon 11.28.11 – Cave, Jealousy, Sexting, Bachsung
Mon 12.12.11 – Baseck, Wizwars, Nvr-Ndr, Vyncent Flaw, The Tleilaxu Music Machine, Wet Mango
Mon 12.19.11 – Casy + Brian, Batwings Catwings, Magick Orchids, W.H.I.T.E., Sea Lions

The Mae Shi Pehrspace 2012

The Mae Shi (original line-up), February 2012.

Mon 1.2.12 – Jon Barba, Pawko, I.E., Manhattan Murder Mystery, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Mon 1.9.12 – NASA Space Universe, Green Screen Door, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Two Kyles One Scott, Gorgon Zoloft
Mon 1.16.12 – Secret Friends, Realization Orchestra, Sewing Circle, The Koreatown Oddity
Mon 1.23.12 – Psychic Handbook, Spaceburn, Dicso Bunny, Princess Whatever, NO/HO/MO
Mon 2.6.12 – Kyle H. Mabson & Sean Carnage present The Mae Shi (original line-up), Totally Radd!!, Laco$te (original line-up), The Pope, Abracadabra, Bai Ling, DJ Jonathan Snipes, MC Jesse Miller
Mon 2.13.12 – Metal Monday 666 with co-host Ace Diamond, featuring Back Stabbath, Colombian Necktie, Ace Diamond Experience, DJ Pete Majors of Harassor & Vacation Vinyl
Mon 2.20.12 – Babes, John Krausbauer, Ezra Buchla, Rale, Diesel Dudes
Mon 2.27.12 – Sunland-Tujunga Music Festival, co-presented with Jesse Horowitz, featuring Dream Being, Tujunga, Snorlax, The Diet Thrills Foreman, ParallaxScroll
Mon 3.5.12 – Feeling of Love, Delacave, Dunes, Merx
Mon 3.12.12 – DJ Baglady, Trenton Willey, Swahili, Magisterial
Mon 3.19.12 – Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Foot Village, Bitches, Sexting
Mon 4.2.12 – Realization Orchestra, Sisterfucker, Generation, Fart Magnet
Mon 4.9.12 – Jon Barba, The Koreatown Oddity, Walter Gross, Johnnie Jungleguts, American Clit Legend
Mon 4.16.12 – Realization Orchestra, Radio Shock, Religious Girls, DJ Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 4.23.12 – Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Vehicle Blues, Kevin Greenspon, Bachsung, Creepy Marbles
Mon 5.7.12 – Folktale Fest III featuring Ezra Buchla, Whitman, French Quarter, Teague Cullen, J. Noir
Mon 5.14.12 – Signals, Batwings Catwings, Stripper Pussy, Tremellow, Kid Infinity new “Swimming Lessons” music video premiere in 3D
Tue 5.15.12 – Sean Carnage presents Max Payne 3 soundtrack release party featuring the music of HEALTH plus DJs Brian Tarney, Remy Marc, and Kyle H. Mabson

Tujunga, February 2012.

Tujunga, February 2012.

Mon 5.21.12 – Precious, Skull Kiss, DJ Marijuana Weed, Mantle Sound Core, Footwurk Homicide
Mon 6.4.12 – John Thill, Jon Barba, Kevin Greenspon, Comfort Slacks, The Diet Thrills Foreman, Siff-Rip-Us
Mon 6.11.12 – NASA Space Universe, Surgeons, Torn by Teeth
Mon 6.18.12 – Moon Pearl, Let’s Paint TV!, Dash Jacket, Pillars and Tongues
Mon 6.25.12 – In the Womb, Opponents, Celebrator, Vaginals
Mon 7.16.12 – Diesel Dudes, Garland, 3D Friends, Delenda, Arms of Tripoli
Mon 7.23.12 – Bear Flag Republic, Young Lovers, The Littlest Viking, Van Exel
Mon 7.30.12 – Treasure Mammal, Clipping, Ezra Buchla + Corey Fogel, Essay, I.E.
Mon 8.6.12 – Andy the Doorbum, Big Sexy, Stab City, Doses
Mon 8.13.12 – Bachsung, Marshstepper, Protect Me, Stray Executioner
Mon 8.20.12 – Realization Orchestra, Redwound, Modern Concert, Harry Cloud
Mon 8.27.12 – Sex Wounds, Tremellow, Apathetic Ronald McDonald (AxRxM), The Myonics featuring Billy Bill Miller, HLYR, Nancy Drew Pentagrams
Monday 9.3.12 – So Many Wizards, Pangea, Peter Pants, Wide Streets
Mon 9.10.12 – Vacation Records showcase with Youth Code, Born of Ritual, Sneaky Snake
Mon 9.17.12 – XBXRX, Ratchet Set, Whqles, Batwings
Mon 9.24.12 – FMLY fundraiser with Gothic Tropic, Emperor X, Dream Panther, Spaceships
Mon 10.1.12 – Mikhai Tran’s 30th surprise bday at Pehr, feat. Bai Ling
Mon 10.15.12 – Manhattan Murder Mystery, Crazy Eyes, Kool Skull, Starskate, Blok, The Tleilaxu Music Machine

Emperor X, September 2012.

Emperor X, September 2012.

Mon 10.22.12 – Truck Bitch, Casy + Brian, Curse, Murphy Maxwell
Mon 10.29.12 – Fielded, Little Debbie, Bleak End at Bernie’s, Bernard Herman
Mon 11.5.12 – Jon Barba, Torn Humorist, Exit Bag, Shivering Window
Mon 11.12.12 – Night Control, Lessnesses, Bachsung, Banana Head, Go Chic
Mon 11.19.12 – Alexis Gideon, Cuttlebuttle
Mon 12.3.12 – Mountair benefit with Vinyl Williams, Body Parts, Josh Boyd 3, Panther Heart, Hott MT
Mon 12.10.12 – Lamps, Doses, Mynx, Roman Milk
Mon 12.17.12 – Ratchet Set, Crimekillz, Straight Bangs, DCxDCxDC
Mon 1.7.13 – 4th Pomona Rib Cookoff + Huell Howser Memorial: Select Sex, Sex Wounds, Stab City
Mon 1.14.13 – Hemlock Ernst aka Sam Herring of Future Islands, Dustin & the Explosions, Cthulhus, Washing Machines
Mon 1.21.13 – The Internet featuring Syd tha Kyd, Mouth of the Serpent, Caleb Stone, Tremellow
Mon 1.28.13 – Dally, Tabor Mountain, Hydrogen Bomb Island, Fox & Bear
Mon 2.11.13 – Mountair fundraiser with Cotillion, Blank Tapes, Tapioca & the Flea, Beach Party
Mon 2.18.13 – Moment Trigger, Schwarz, Gnarbaby, Dead Wolf Black
Mon 2.25.13 – The New Dreamz feat. Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Skin Town, Greenlander, Textbeak, Tripp Nasty
Mon 3.4.13 – Retox, Stab City, Mothers Of Gut, Bachsung
Mon 3.11.13 – Xina Xurner, Laurette Goldfish, Jeepneys, Sashcloth & Axes
Mon 3.18.13 – Adam Hervey benefit featuring Turbo Lightning, Roses, Snakkes, Dolphins ‘n Shit, Sashcloth & Axes, DJ Gabriel Fernandez
Mon 3.25.13 – Corima release party featuring Upsilon Acrux
Mon 4.1.13 – “Dalton turns twenty-sich” plus Jay Korber benefit featuring Jeffzilla, Eric Landmark & Nate Denver, Dally, Moment Trigger, birthday supergroup feat. members of Sexting, HEALTH, Foot Village, DJ Juiceboxxx, DJ White Rainbow, DJ xMondayxNightxRawx (Kyle H. Mabson And Dan Deacon)

Syd tha Kyd, January 2013.

Syd tha Kyd, January 2013.

Mon 4.8.13 – Kool Skull, Kroyclub, Traps PS, Paperslang, Leathrface, Gun/Her, more
Mon 4.22.13 – Verbs, Clipping, Mikey Wally, Chaz Calibur, The Koreatown Oddity, Baseck
Mon 4.29.13 – Debaser, Marmits, Precious, Capt’n Fresh & the Stay Fresh Seals
Mon 5.6.13 – The Seizure, Gnarbaby, Crazy Eyes, The Sleeping Car
Mon 5.13.13 – Jew Cocks, White Murder, Leaking Pigs, Clark Walter’s “Sports Fitness,” Fuckass & the Grease Patrol
Mon 5.20.13 – Higher Life release party featuring Stripper Pussy, Resin Cum, Protect Me, Tremellow, Crowhurst, VJ Wes
Mon 6.3.13 – Mothers Of Gut, Corima, A++, & VJ Wes
Mon 6.10.13 – Niko, Vitamin Wig C, Axed Crown, Joey Molinaro, VJ Wes
Mon 6.17.13 – Folktale Fest IV featuring John Thill, Whitman, Human Behavior, Rollin Hunt, DJ Jonathan Snipes
Mon 6.24.13 – Metal Monday featuring Mouth of the Serpent, Incryption, Insentient, Casket
Mon 7.1.13 – Dally, Priests, Xina Xurner, Skin Town
Mon 7.15.13 – Corima, Treasure Mammal, Whitman, VJ Wes, DJ Kyle H. Mabson, DJ I.E.
Mon 7.22.13 – Adam Healton & the Situation, Cthulhus, Big Bugs, Mother Popcorn, DJs Jeffzilla & Sister Mantos aka Cool World DJs
Mon 7.29.13 – Mountair presents Fox Hollow, Josh Boyd 3, Young Lovers, Weird Wonders, DJ Reverb Lite
Mon 8.5.13 – Matt Teardrop birthday show featuring Manhattan Murder Mystery, Dawn of Sequins, Tripp Nasty, Midnight Cities, DJ Cholo Carwash
Mon 8.12.13 – Monday anniversary show part 1 featuring HEALTH DJ set, White Murder, Moment Trigger, Xina Xurner, Kevin Greenspon
Mon 8.19.13 – Shivers, Washing Machines, Tyrannosaurus Zebra, Zig Zags
Mon 8.26.13 – Monday anniversary show part 2 featuring BIRTH!, Straight Bangs, U R Walcome, VJ Wes, DJ Genie Factory
Mon 9.9.13 – Kroyclub, KXXL, Head Trauma, Leathrface, Random Black
Mon 9.16.13 – Co-presented with Higher Life featuring Maniqui Lazer, Pastels, Luum, Reverse Corpse Paint
Mon 9.23.13 – L.A. Zine Fest fundraiser featuring Mothers Of Gut, Pleasure Leftists, Exorcisms, Spokenest, French Vanilla, readings by The Women Group
Mon 9.30.13 – 8BITLA Chiptune Smashathon featuring 1000 Needles, Wizwars, Cyclops Rock, Here Between You Me

Retox, March 2013.

Retox, March 2013.

Mon 10.7.13 – Sashcloth & Axes, Terminal A, Dolphins ‘n Shit, Big Bugs
Mon 10.14.13 – Signals, Greenlander, Habits, missed., DJ Verbs, DJ Textbeak
Mon 10.21.13 – Curse, Crazy Eyes, Select Sex, Dead Waste
Mon 10.28.13 – Folktale Fright Fest featuring Rococo Jet, Ezra Buchla, Whitman, Nicole Kidman, Forest Kingdom, Cool World DJs
Mon 11.4.13 – Luna is Honey, Bodysnatchers, Visceris, Steve & Yöri
Mon 11.11.13 – Manhattan Murder Mystery, Washing Machines, Cigarette Bums, Death Valley Girls
Mon 11.18.13 – Clipping, Blok, BIRTH!, I.E., U R Walcome, DJ Marijuana Weed
Mon 11.25.13 – Vortal Curb, Lotoball, Scrapies, Deadpanzies, Lilacs, Chrysanthe O, DJ Crasslos
Mon 12.2.13 – Turbo Lightning, Xiu Xiu, Human Behavior, Stellaluna, DJ Whitman
Mon 12.9.13 – Parallax Beach, Intimatchine, TV Crime Lords, Beru
Mon 12.16.13 – Federation X, Sons Of The Bitch, Select Sex, Church of Sun
Mon 1.6.14 – Final Monday Night show featuring Naomi Elizabeth, Upsilon Acrux, Rococo Jet, Ssleaze, Kid Infinity, The Comedy Stylings of Peter Moran, VJ Wes, DJ 333Boyz, DJ I.E., DJ Marijuana Weed, sound by Drey, final DJ set by Kyle H. Mabson
Fri 4.25.14 – Sean Carnage & Sergey present Vortal Curb, Little Debbie, Moira Scar, Rind, Lilacs plus the Big Nasty DJs (Coolworld’s Jeff & Carlos)
Fri 8.8.14 – Sean Carnage & Kyle H. Mabson present Clipping, Blackie, Grypt, Laughters, DJ Mabolous
Sat 9.6.14 – VJ Wes and Sean Carnage present The Imaginary Order featuring Intimatchine, Ghost Noise, FeeLa, VJ Wes
Sat 10.18.14 – Sean Carnage presents Corima, Innerds, Atomic Ape, Prettiest Eyes
Fri 4.24.15 – Sean Carnage presents Weird Woman, Acid Dad, Fantasy Boy, Adult Release, Treasure Mammal, I.E., DJ Sich Mang
Fri 5.15.15 – Sean Carnage presents a quadraphonic sound show featuring Mark Hosler of Negativland, JFZLA, Allen Gittelson, Everything is Terrible, Wobbly, VJ Wes
Sun 3.27.16 – Mindwebs and Sean Carnage present the 50¢ Book Fair, “A 10th Anniversary thank you to all Pehr people”

Mindwebs 50¢ Book Fair, March 2016.

Mindwebs 50¢ Book Fair, March 2016.

Sean Carnage Fridays Oracle Tavern Two Crones April 14 2023

Two Crones shred ears—and preconceived notions—at Oracle Tavern, April 14, 2023. (Photo: Carnage)

Oracle Tavern

Location: 1640 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Stats: Six shows featuring 26 sets (4.5 sets per show)

Performers: 23 artists / bands, 3 DJs

Fri 9.16.22Chaki, Dawn Of Sequins, Dicso Bunny, DJ Kyle Mabson, Fagenstein
Fri 10.14.22STUNTDRIVER, Glen Meadmore, Ziemba, Banny Grove, DJ Kyle Mabson
Fri 11.11.22RIG, NOÏ, A Lovely Sort Of Death, Paul Lai, Dizparity
Fri 12.09.22Tricky Youth, Wryngwyrm, SAZA, Vitamin Wig C, Solar Wimp, DJ Kyle Mabson
Fri 4.14.23Two Crones, Dildox, Acidtrain, DJ Erin Eyesore
Fri 5.12.23Pain Behavior, Bat Noise, Myriad Slits, DJ Kyle Mabson

Sancho Echo Park L.A.'s Got Talent

L.A.’s Got Talent co-curator Sam Lubicz, Sancho, August 2011.


Location: 1549 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Stats: Thirty-one day gallery installation, 13 special events featuring 58 sets (5.8 sets per show), all co-curated with Sam LubiczLiam Morrison, and Nika Kolodziej

Performers: 43 artists / bands, 21 co-presenters, 14 filmmakers / screenings, 13 comedians, 12 DJs, 1 chef

Thu 8.4.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent Opening Night featuring artists Lou Beach, Kat Harvey, Nika Kolodziej, Sam Lubicz, Kyle H. Mabson, Brendan Morrison, Liam Morrison, Gary Panter, Christopher Payne, Jean-Luc Unger, Wayne White, Dalton Blanco, Dagenhart Brown, Kat Genikov, Ajax Hulce, Albert Ortega, Brooke Rollo, Ryan Wade; video screenings by Albert Chang, Vice Cooler, Vim Crony, Xenia Shin, Adam Papagan, Sean Carnage; photos by Cobra Snake; performances by DJ Sam Lubicz, DJ Liam Morrison, Precious, The Comedy Stylings of Peter Moran, SFV Acid, Jon Barba, DJ JCiocci2000, Leah Peah
Fri 8.5.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent: Craft Night featuring screenprint demo with Vlad the Retailer and artist Christopher Payne; Print your own L.A.’s Got Talent clothing item; Friendship bracelet workshop with Mikhai Tran; KXLU-FM Demolisten broadcast with hosts Fred Kiko and Sean Carnage; live musical guests Whitman, Geoff Geis; Puppet performances Dirtbike Puppet Theatre, Shadow puppets by Three Chairs Theater Company
Sat 8.6.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent Druid Underground Film Fest curated by William Burgess featuring shorts by Damon Packard, Max Winston, more.; Musical guest Vitamin Wig C
Thu 8.11.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent Comedy Night curated by Mike Locker featuring stand up from Trenton Willey, Rick Shapiro, Todd Baker, Dave Sirus, Joseph Larkin, Don Takano, Brett Gilbert, Allen Stickland Williams, Eric Dadourian, Luke Pennington, Jared Whitham, Travis Mcfarland, more; Musical performers Human Hands, Dirty Disk, keepbullfighting, Baglady
Fri 8.12.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent Totally Gay Night co-presented with Totally Mag featuring Myles Cooper, DJ Total Freedom, I.E., Essay, DJ Margot Padilla, Roses Jade Camellia, DJ Sam Lubicz, DJ Liam Morrison
Sat 8.13.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent Video Matinee featuring filmmakers Vim Crony, Vice Cooler, the premiere of “Turbo Tookie Fitness” by Tookie Binky & Melvin Butel, videos by Dalton Blanco, Albert Chang, Xenia Shin, Del Talk Show new episode premiere with Adam Papagan & Karen Centerfold, Sean Carnage’s Heavy Metal Funeral and the premiere of Poweraxe: Heavy Metal Uhaul; special live performance by Poweraxe
Sun 8.14.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent L.A. Lottery League movie program featuring videos by Angelica Meng, Albert Chang, D. Bene Tleilax DJ set, slide show of Lottery League book designed + edited by Amy Fortunato, premieres of Centerfold! Centerfold! trailer by Xenia Shin, L.A. Lottery League: The Motion Picture edited by Albert Chang & Dalton Blanco
Thu 8.18.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent Black Banquet with Chef Joshua Ploeg, music by DJ Don Bolles
Fri 8.19.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent Fashion Night with live musical performances from Captain Ahab, DJ Maxwell K., DJ Jenny, Kroyclub, Kool Skull, Biodemonix, Your Mom/Your Dad
Sat 8.20.11 – L.A.’s Got Talent Closing Night with DJ Kyle H. Mabson, Pink Dollaz, International Friends, 333 Boyz

Women House Sean Carnage

Moment Trigger, Women House, 2009.

Women House

Location: 1852 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90019

Stats: 8 shows featuring 43 sets (5.4 sets per show)

Performers: 39 artists / bands / DJs

Mon 6.1.09 – 333 Boyz, Best Band Ever, Cock Block, Copy Lake, Knight Rider, Tik//tik
Mon 6.15.09 – Adventure, Daniel Francis Doyle, Dozal Bros., Ear Pwr, Guns ‘N Broses, Kyle H. Mabson, That Ghost
Mon 6.22.09 – Bipolar Bear, Cock Block, Our Brother the Native, Religious Girls, Splintercake, Whitman
Mon 6.29.09 – Dalmacio Von Diamond & The Enochian Keys, Double Dagger, The Choke, Zombelle
Mon 7.6.09 – Italic Indian, Garrett Pierce, Skull Kiss, 60 Watt Kid, “Do your best Erin Allen imitation” contest, High Castle
Mon 7.13.09 – Protect Me, Seahouse, 60 Watt Kid, Wah Wah Exit Wound, Master & Johnson
Mon 7.20.09 – “60 Watt Kid, Tender Skulls, The Myonics, Hello My Name Is Red
Mon 7.27.09 – Monday Night 4th Anniversary featuring 60 Watt Kid, Realicide, Shirley Rolls, The Seizure, Mikki & The Mauses, Single Mothers

The Smell Sean Carnage Kyle Mabson

Kyle H. Mabson, The Smell, April 2008.

The Smell

Location: 247 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Stats: 5 shows featuring 30 sets (6 sets per show)

Performers: 25 artists / bands, 3 co-presenters, 2 DJs

Mon 10.9.06 – Anavan, HEALTH, Captain Ahab, Tik//tik, Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 4.7.08 – Dan Deacon, Foot Village, Kyle H. Mabson, Robin Williams On Fire, Ownweatherone, Winners
Sun 6.29.08 – Cool in the Pool, Night 1 co-presented by Peter’s Poolboys featuring Captain Ahab, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Warm Streams, Xrin Arms, Flaspar, I.E., Holy Water
Sun 5.10.09 – Peter’s Poolboys, Sean Carnage & Kyle H. Mabson present Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Height, Vampire Pussy, Dwarf Pluto
Mon 6.8.09 – American Gil & The Major Dudes, Beckett Warren, Guitarded, John Thill, Serows, Stellaluna

Ace Hotel & Swim Club

Location: 701 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Fri 11.4.11 – Myles Cooper, Blok

Dem Passwords Sean Carnage

Jon Barba & Kevin Greenspon, Dem Passwords, October 2010.

Dem Passwords

Location: 7914-B Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Sat 10.9.10 – Cloud Nothings, KILT, Nicole Kidman & Kevin Greenspon, Batwings Catwings

The Electric Lodge

Location: 1416 Electric Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

Sun 11.19.0640 Bands / 80 Minutes! premiere (2 screenings)

Electric Lodge Sean Carnage

White Trash Firecracker & Orlando Greenhill, November 2006.

Now That’s Class

Location: 11213 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102

Fri 11.2.07 – Homo-Stupids, Realicide, The New Lou Reeds, Clan Of The Cave Bear, Chuff Chuff, Ownweatherone, DJ Begit N Frenz, DJ Ralph Hausmann

Old Baldy Brewery

Location: 271 North Second Avenue, Upland, CA 91786

Fri 3.30.07 – Inland Empire Premiere of 40 Bands / 80 Minutes! featuring Abe Vigoda, Anavan, Halloween Swim Team, HEALTH, John Thill, Whitman, Zombelle, DJ Jon San Nicolas, DJ Kyle H. Mabson

Old Baldy Brewery HEALTH Sean Carnage

HEALTH, Old Baldy Brewery, 2007.


Parish Hall

Location: 6205 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114

Fri 3.2.07 – Clan Of The Cave Bear, Tony Erba, Proletarian Art Threat

Prestigious House of Vermont, aka Vermont Shoes

Location: 1515 Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006

Mon 2.26.07 – Alexis Gideon, Diamond Beats, Nicky Click, The Pristines, Weekend Warrior, Whitman

Project Infest Sean Carnage

Purebreeds Don’t Bite, Project Infest, February 2011.

Project Infest

Location: 3201 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Sat 1.29.11 – L.A. Lottery League Draft Night with Tik//tik, I.E., So Many Wizards, Dicso Bunny, Your Mom/Your Dad, Bizzart, Kool Skull, Masks, M31, Pizza!, David Liebe Hart Band, Norse Horse, Lee Noble, Stab City, MC Peter Moran, Emperor X, Kyle H. Mabson, Magick Orchids, Tiger Stripe, Poweraxe, Concerning Dreams & Nightmares, Bleak End at Bernie’s, Eric’s Got It Covered, Professor Calculus, Luna is Honey, and Tremellow
Sat 2.26.11 – L.A. Lottery League’s Big Show featuring twelve new bands: Brohammer, Lottery Curse, Medieval Babes, Double Double, No No Jammers, Purebreeds Don’t Bite, P.O.P. (Positive Outreach Program), Fubbx+fn, Magii, Fooly Cooly, Big Wuddup and the Tiny Little Wuddups, and First You Were There, Now You Are Here


Location: 712 North Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Thu 5.18.06 – T-shirt & apparel show! Co-presented by Scoops Gelato

Second Wave

Location: 645 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Sat 10.17.15 – Child Abuse, Select Sex, John Merrick Look Alike Motherfucker, VJ Wes

Silent Movie Theater Sean Carnage

Extreme Animals fans queue up, 2010.

Silent Movie Theater

Location: 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Sun 9.5.10 – Sean Carnage presents Extreme Animals, DJ Kyle H. Mabson

The Clinic

Location: 2208 South Lyon Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Fri 6.8.07 – Anavan, Bizzart, Laco$te, ME-OX & The Wildlife Crew, The Petersons

Tom Of Finland Foundation Danimal Sean Carnage

Sean Carnage & Danimal, Tom Of Finland Foundation, 2010.

Tom of Finland Foundation

Location: 1421 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Sat 7.10.10 – The Art of DANIMAL at Tom of Finland’s house

Trunk Space

Location: 1506 NW Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Sat 6.9.0740 Bands / 80 Minutes! Phoenix premiere featuring Bizzart, Icy Core of Jupiter, Laco$te, Treasure Mammal

Z Space World Gallery Costa Mesa Sean Carnage

The Choke, World Gallery, January 2010.

Z Space at World Gallery

Location: 1980 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Sun 1.24.10 – The 2nd Annual Pomona Rib Cookoff Pt. 1 featuring Stress Ape, NASA Space Universe, The Choke, Cockwind, Warm Streams, Images


Location: 1320 South Grand Street, Los Angeles, CA 90189

Mon 10.16.06 – Nudity, Joysticks, Sea Org, Off Peru, Bird Names

Peabodys Downunder 1996 Ron Kretsch Barb Caroline Eckles Sean Carnage

U.S. Rocker’s Rock Explosion 1996, Peabody’s DownUnder, Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo: Karen Novak)














This page is a work in progress document of the earliest Sean Carnage shows in Ohio and Los Angeles—precursors to Monday Nights.

These events and bands are not counted in the Monday Night figures or stats.

Japanther The Smell Los Angeles Sean Carnage

The Smell

Location: 247 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Weds 7.28.04 – New Life Forms! featuring Japanther, Lipstick Pickups, Sons Of Damien

Sean Carnage Coffinberry Cleveland

The Invisible City

Location: 4400 Perkins Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103

Sat 9.21.02 – The Invisible City farewell party & all-star jam
Fri 9.6.02 – Sean & Ian, Coffinberry
Sun 7.28.02 – Sean & Ian CD listening party
Sat 7.24.99 – Aimee & Brian Noga wedding! Viva Caramel, The Perfect Guy, The Tumbleweeds, Miss Lonelyheart

Aimee Brian Noga Wedding 1999 The Invisible City Cleveland Sean Carnage
Sat 8.27.98 – All-Scars, Cromtech, Sea Of Cortez, Prohibition, Ambassador 990
Sat 11.22.97 – Sheilbound, Caramel (aka Viva Caramel)
Unknown date – Red Giant, Hessier

Misty Martinez Liz Armstrong Sean Carnage

Pat’s In The Flats

Location: 2233 West 3rd, Cleveland, OH 44113

Sat 4.27.02 – Misty Martinez, Whales, Oblongata
Sat 2.9.02 – My Name Is Rar-Rar, Sean & Ian, Plus Ultra

Sean Carnage Pat's In The Flats

Speak In Tongues

Location: 4311 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113

Fri 12.28.01 – Rockin’ Holiday Party with Sean & Ian, The Cassettes, Stephe D.K.

Sean Carnage Speak In Tongues
Tue 12.4.01 – The Flying Luttenbachers, Allergic To Whores, The Ex-Models

Flying Luttenbachers Speak In Tongues
Fri 10.5.01 – My Name Is Rar-Rar, Lozenge, Begit ‘N Frenz, Mind/No Mind, Scam Carnage vs. Spilt Milk

Sean Carnage Speak In Tongues

Tue 11.2.99 – Razak Solar System, Lenola, The Basketball

Razak Solar System Speak In Tongues

The Grog Shop

Location: 1765 Coventry Road, Cleveland, OH 44118

Fri 3.8.02 – Sean Na Na, Sean & Ian, Yo Seana Bin Laden, Churchbuilder
Fri 3.16.01 – Razak Solar System, Proletarian Art Threat, Chargers Street Gang
Thu 2.8.01 – Razak Solar System, Oblongata, Begit ‘N Frenz

Sean Carnage Razak Solar System Grog Shop

Peabody’s DownUnder

Location: 1059 Old River Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113

Sat 9.7.96 – U.S. Rocker’s Rock Explosion 1996 featuring Cash Money, Craw, DuValby Bros., Primitive, Disengage, Downside Special, Nucleon, Red Giant, Biblical Proof of UFOs

The Euclid Tavern

Location: 11625 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106

Sun 10.31.93 – Pumpkinhead Halloween Party with Craw, Boulder, Eric’s Mother, Screwtractor, Drill Kitty

Craw Boulder Euclid Tavern 1993 Derek Hess poster

Flier for first Sean Carnage-produced show by Derek Hess, 1993.