Jon + Vangelis / “FRIENDS OF MR. CAIRO” cassette double pack


Two seriously badass classic cassettes from 1981! For vintage synth enthusiasts! Sound quality and condition are A+. Rare!

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Tape #1: Jon + Vangelis The Friends of Mr. Cairo 

Brian Eno reportedly heard the track “State of Independence” (the centerpiece of this cassette) and fell into a deep depression. “This is the future of music… and Jon Anderson (of Yes) and (Greek synth master) Vangelis got there first!” moped Eno. A year later in 1982, “State” became a top 10 worldwide hit single by Donna Summer.

But that’s not the only ripper here—”I’ll Find My Way Home” was also a smash hit. But the best, in my opinion, is the title track—a nearly 12-minute opus that salutes the stars of the silver screen in epic multi-movements. I’ve driven late night for hundreds of miles just listening to this tape on repeat!

Side A

“I’ll Find My Way Home” – 4:29
“State of Independence” – 7:53
“Beside” – 4:08
“The Mayflower” – 6:35

Side B

“The Friends of Mr Cairo” – 12:04
“Back to School” – 5:06
“Outside of This (Inside of That)” – 5:00

Tape #2: Chariots Of Fire soundtrack by Vangelis

Chart-topping instrumentals from the final throes of the analog synth era. An iconic piece of music that’s more than just the well-known title theme.

Side A

“Chariots of Fire” (“Titles”) – 3:33
“Five Circles” – 5:20
“Abraham’s Theme” – 3:20
“Eric’s Theme” – 4:18
“100 Metres” – 2:04
“Jerusalem” – 2:47

Side B

“Chariots of Fire” – 20:41

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