Rick Wakeman’s “CRIMINAL RECORD” cassette


If you love pompous analog 1970s synth playing—you gotta get this tape! Featuring Yesmates Chris Squire & Alan White. Shipping included.

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Freed from the shackles of having, you know, a band (Yes in this case), Rick Wakeman was now free to let all his outrageous impulses run wild on this original A&M-release 1977 cassette. Featuring ex-Yesmates Chris Squire (Rickenbass!) and Alan White (drummed on all the initial Beatles releases—not that Ringo guy!) and oodles of squealing Moogs!

Yes, “The Breathalyser” on side B is about him getting pulled over by the cops. Like I said, ’70s, man!

Side A

“Statue Of Justice” – 6:20
“Crime Of Passion” – 5:46
“Chamber Of Horrors” – 6:40

Side B

“Birdman Of Alcatraz” – 4:12
“The Breathalyser” – 3:51
“Judas Iscariot” – 12:15

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