40 Bands 80 Minutes! DVD


40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! The story of the L.A. Underground in 2006. New music from over 50+ cutting-edge bands.


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40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! The story of the L.A. Underground in 2006. New music from over 50+ cutting-edge bands.


Domestic shipping included.

In the tradition of underground rock movies like THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION and URGH! A MUSIC WAR, comes an instant cult-classic: 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES!

On one night in Hollywood, over forty of Los Angeles’ most amazing, experimental and eccentric bands join together with one daring goal: to present their uncompromising musical visions to the world… in two minute blasts! Using shared equipment, each band has only one chance to get it right. No second takes allowed.

Includes performances from ABE VIGODA, ANAVAN, BIZZART, CAPTAIN AHAB, FIREWORKS, HARASSOR, HEALTH, I HEART LUNG, TOXIC LOINCLOTH, as well as solo and duo performances by members of acclaimed bands MIKA MIKO, FRIENDS FOREVER and CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, plus the legendary WIVES in their LAST SHOW EVER—all captured live with multiple cameras and audiophile-quality sound!

These bands fuse electronic, rock, dance, metal, jazz, noise and punk within one amazing community. This is your glimpse into the future of music…This is 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES!

All-region DVD includes two movies:
-40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! feature
-10 BANDS 20 MINUTES! (all the bands that wouldn’t fit in the feature)

-Behind-the-scenes of 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! featurette
-A documentary short culled from the production, Karen Centerfold: Live in Hollywood
-2 audio commentaries with the director Sean Carnage, crew & bands
-MONDAY NIGHT MUSIC: an L.A. underground music scene photo gallery

Complete band list:
Abe Vigoda, The Amazements, Anavan, Asthmatique, Bacon Tears Up Business, Bavab Bavab, Bipolar Bear, Bizzart vs. Demonslayer, Camarillo Blues Triangle, Captain Ahab, William Caruso’s Wet Hot Social Anxiety, Karen Centerfold, Christ With Braces, Clowns and Fetuses, Creekbird, Debaser, Dog Shit Taco, Dommm, Erebus Nyx & Styx, Explogasm, Extreme Dubble Bubble, Faux For Real, Fireworks, Gowns, Kate Hall & Elijah Forrest, Halloween Swim Team, Harasser, William C. Harrington, Health, The Health Club, I Heart Lung, I Rape Nick Lachey, Lovetongueattack, Mitchell Brown, Naomi, Nosajthing, The Outfit, Parkinsons, Slutty Knuckles, Sykora, Three, Toxic Loincloth, Unwrinkled Doctor, Veer Right Young Pastor, Warm Climate, Weekend Warrior, Rob Williams, White Trash Firecracker, Whitman, Wives, Xanaar

Raves for 40 Bands 80 Minutes!

“Frenetic… the spirit of this über-independent effort can’t be denied”
–Ann Powers, Chief Pop Music Critic, L.A. Times

“Covering everything from post- hip-hop to sludge metal to sheer insanity, it’s a glimpse into the anything-goes mentality of L.A.’s experimental rock underground. Makes one wish more shows were this concise.”
–Josiah Hughes, XLR8R Magazine

“Bizarrely enjoyable… The prevailing mood is giddy abandon”
–Natalie Nichols, Music editor, L.A. CityBeat

“A high-speed rockumentary”
–John Petkovic, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“I was blown away by the exhilarating collective energy the whole event projected, total diversity and whatevs styles with only a common denominator, ‘Do Your Own Thing, and Care.’”
–20 Jazz Funk Greats

“Top DVD, 2006”
–Byron Coley & Thurston Moore, Bulltongue #26/Arthur Magazine

“Freaky stuff that will grab your attention and spin your head around”
–Falling James, Carbon 14 Magazine

–D. Shawn Bosler, Paperthinwalls.com

“The sheer range of talent is astonishing… 40 Bands! gives a glimpse into a scene that will continue to explode”
–Jason Glastetter, CMJ

“Not recommended for use with Ritalin”
–Kory Grow, Decibel Magazine

“Captures the magic and madness”

“Guaranteed to become an instant cult classic”
–Brooklyn Until Monday

“It’s good, really good, in that bang your head silly for two minutes sort of way… Prepare yourself for a strange, diverse and a nonstop jolt of energy!”
–John Doran, The Missoulian

“40 Bands! is a scene report for LA’s current DIY underground in all its heterogeneous glory”
–Matthew A. Stern, PopMatters.com

“A high-concept ear-shredding thrill ride… Highest recommendation.”
–Ron Garmon, Meanstreet Magazine

“Nonstop, high-energy and amazingly diverse.”
–Melody Baetens, The Detroit News

“Galvanizing… Where else are you going to see a band whose performance consists of starting a circle-pit while a sped-up Bell Biv Devoe track plays over the PA? Or hear semi-lucid LA scene weirdos dispense sex etiquette and police state diatribes in the same breath? Or watch a guy make a sandwich with his feet?”
–Andy Smetanka, Missoula Independent

“If you weren’t there, you’ll wish you had been. If you were, you’ll wish you could be there again—at least for a couple of minutes”
–David Cotner, L.A. Weekly & Signal to Noise

“A joyride of a documentary”
–Yahoo! Movies

“Intensely abrasive and experimental and wild …directed beautifully by Sean Carnage.”
–Tony Pierce, LAist.com

“One night of the Los Angeles underground sucked into a hand-held, moving-picture machine”
–Riz Orkestra, L.A. Record

“The ultimate in short-attention-span sonic theater”
–Rich Kane, Inland Empire Weekly

–Paul Kubasek, Commonism Mag

“Chaos like I have never seen”
–Jack E. Jett, ManiaTV

“Here’s hoping your music scene is at least half as engaging”
–Jamie Lee Rake, The Bohemian Aesthetic

Chosen TOP POP MUSIC DVD by the L.A. Times’ editorial staff in the annual Holiday DVD Gift Guide!