The week’s Carnage

Thanks for joining me and webmaster Mikhai Tran for the first week of daily updates.

What was all the hubbub about? Peter Steele’s steel peter.

Type-O Negative singer/icon Peter Steele passed away tragically this week (details are still maddeningly sparse, but I’m sure they will all come out eventually). And all you wanted to see was his dick. had the Peter Steele dead rocker nude penis shots you were craving.

Thanks for clicking, necrophiliacs.

This week was also pretty major because we put up the very first in a series of weekly exclusive videos.

Check out our video from Captain Ahab’s The End of Irony release party. I want to know what you think about this new clip.

We had a great time this past Monday. Posts on Monday artists Nuexpe and NaNa and Mad Happy were big winners. (It warms my heart when readers check out new things.) And then there are the sweet new Monday photos.

What to do today (Saturday)

Microcosm Publishing 2010 Tour arrives in L.A. tonight. I’m so psyched. Do not miss this event! There’s books, zines, demonstrations, music, a food espionage museum, and scrumptious vegan food from punk chef Joshua Ploeg.

Also tonight: XBXRX plays a party in Newhall, CA. And there “Power to the Pupil” organized by and featuring some seriously talented Monday supporters. Damn…All of this is “don’t miss” type shit.

This week

Don’t miss Kyle Mabson’s tribute to 420 on Monday!

And then there’s my very special THURSDAY Carnage party at Pehrspace with Chelsea Wolfe, Voice On Tape, Felt Drawings and Motorcycle Maus.

And I’ll be back on KXLU’s Demolisten this Friday giving away more Pehrspace tickets. Many thanks to Fred, Andi, Pablo, Christina and the rest of the crew. Thank you to everyone who listened.

Miss yesterday’s broadcast?

Watch the complete (and trippy) videos here.

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