This Monday: You will be permanently altered

Four groups of musical masters descend upon Pehrspace this Monday night, and they will change you—and your aura—forever.

Let it be known: the Monolators and The Seizure are gonna shock you with their beats. They are known as being among the best in L.A. and there are reasons for that, which you will learn about.

Then two psychedelic travelers are gonna throw down.

Both geniuses are (coincidentally) from Japan. One’s into saxual dancing, the other is like the bastard child of Buckethead. It’s like beauty and the beast…and I’ve got videos of both…

The headliner for this week’s Sean Carnage Monday Night at Pehrspace is experimental guitarist Yoshitake Expe. Check this shit out:

Live, I’m told Yoshitake is a bit wild. And he will be using a drum machine. This is gonna be great.

Here’s another incredible video on Expe’s site

I’m equally excited about another performer also from Japan but living in Los Angeles. Her name is NaNa. She jams with PussnBootss and other bands. She also plays saxophone and dances and has prepared a special new performance just for us this Monday.

Its also NaNa’s birthday! (RSVP on Facebook)

Perhaps the sax dancing will be something like this (it’s a comedy show NaNa was a part of….she was going by “Flash” Tanaka then apparently):

NaNa gets her talent from her parents. Her mother was a dancer and her father played saxophone.

Here’s the incredible poster for the event, drawn by Eli of the Monolators. Yayy!

11:30pm Nuexpe (Japan)
11:00pm Monolators
10:30pm The Seizure
10pm NaNa & the Happy Cats


Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

See you there?

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