Thank you for a wonderful first 4 years…See you Monday, September 7th!!!


If I were to write a complete Sean Carnage Mondays thank you list, it would fill this entire page. But for last night’s 4 year anniversary show, I’d like to give a shout out to the women (and men) of Women for the hospitality, the cake, and the amazing decorations!

Also: props to Chris and Tierra, all the performers (60 Watt Kid, Realicide, Mikki & the Mauses, The Seizure, Single Mothers and Shirley Rolls), Mikhai Tran, Anna, Mary and Eli, and Tai Kim/Scoops Gelato for the delicious beer floats (go to The Golden State and experience the glory!).

Without trying to do anything in particular except keep great music going, we’ve done something really important. So thank YOU for your support, and don’t miss the start of Sean Carnage Mondays (2.0) on Monday, September 7th.

Watch this space for details!


-Sean C.





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