R.I.P. Nate Dogg: A memorial

“Nate Dogg had it. The bowler hat, the fly suits, the voice, the soul. West coast hip hop won’t be the same without him. He’s influenced us greatly, and will always be in our hearts. R.I.P.” 333 Boyz

“Nate Dogg had the smoothest voice in all of urban music. You’ll be missed, my man. *pours out a 40*” Kyle Mabson

“Was he only on the best songs or did he make every song he was on the best? Either way, you were the greatest, Nate Dogg. Thanks for saving me when I was so poor I didn’t have a computer or a radio, only The Box on some crummy TV. Rest in peace.” -Sean Carnage

Nate Dogg “20 Memorable Moments in a life of music”

Nathaniel Hale

August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011

Long Beach Press-Telegram obituary here

Let’s not forget Guru R.I.P one year (warning: explicit)

Nor our brother Pete Steele (even worse!)

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