Watch the new video: Amir Coyle “Prelude to La Finale”

Amir Coyle is not like anyone else on the scene.

He’s Gregorian chant meets Doug E. Fresh.

Coyle is mystical, Pre-Raphaelite Elvis. Burned into the retina.

Amir’s ethos is: Purity. Totality. Not what you’re expecting.

I’m proud to present “Amir Coyle: Prelude to LA FINALE”. It was a team effort.

Amir is pretty special. Uncategorizable.

Director Dalton Blanco is in Skull Tape, and Black Light Jim Morrison, and of course Robin Williams On Fire. He brings a musical aesthetic to his videography—plus he’s a photographer. He’s known Amir Coyle from up in the Bay Area. That connection turned out to be important.

Our protagonist prepares for an important session with photographer Renata Raksha. Amir Coyle combs his hair, gathers his stuff, etc. as he expounds on everything from Jay-Z to what can be done with the voice.

There’s a surprise at the end.

Watch AMIR COYLE Prelude to La Finale

Amir Coyle is a singer, composer, model—& now interviewee in this new Dalton Blanco video. Watch Coyle prepare for a Renata Raksha photoshoot for his new album LA FINALE. With additional video by Donnie Gee. End credits remix: The Tleilaxu Music Machine. Producer/editor: Sean Carnage.

Attend the premiere of LA FINALE

Los Angeles is very lucky to be the starting point for the LA FINALE tour.

Here’s a teaser: D. Bene from The Tleilaxu Music Machine remixed all of LA FINALE into one megamix:

See D. Bene Tleilaxu play LIVE this Monday (tomorrow):

Image: Pete Bunke

This show is going to be a huge party!

12:00am Abiku
11:30 Tleilaxu Music Machine
11:00 The Buk Buk Bigups (Sacramento)
10:30 Stripper Pussy
10:00 Animals on Coke
9:30pm Monomate

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

You can get more show details when you RSVP

Check out Dalton’s YouTube channel

Connect with Renata Raksha

Add SEANCARNAGE.COM for exclusive mixes, videos, show, more

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