E3 done DIY: Inside the world’s biggest video game convention with two of our own

I love it when people from our music community step out and interface with the non-musical world. When I read their reporting I feel like someone is finally speaking my language.

And since there’s a lot of music (and everything else) to experience at E3, aka the world’s largest video game convention, it seems appropriate that Angie Olsen and Margot Padilla of PrettyCoolLand.com should be there!

PrettyCoolLand—which is published by Angie (who had a lot to do with the latest E&E record that’s AMAZING)—covers this massive gamer/gadget orgy from the perspective of a DIY artist.

Her partner Margot (who you may recognize as I.E.) also contributes. That’s her in the photo above with Ciji from Ultimate Gamer. Sweet!

Angie and Margot will be at E3 all week so definitely check out their site:

Read about E3 2010 on PrettyCoolLand.com

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(Part of the reason that I think Angie & Margot’s E3 reporting is so sweet is that last year Mikhai Tran and I reported from the convention…E3 is for lovers aww)

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