Download CONCERTPAGE with cover art by Wayne White

The May issue of CONCERTPAGE, L.A.’s only DIY music and art event guide is now available. Once again it was a massive team effort.

One reason we are publishing is that the music scene is running seriously short on spaces to play. By listing our shows in the same place, fans will know where to go.

May’s cover artist is legend Wayne White, who created Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” video and one of the best parts of the old Pee-wee’s Playhouse—the badass puppets.

Our cover artist for May is Wayne White. Thank you, sir.

Isn’t this new CONCERTPAGE cover gorgeous?

Let me tell you: underground music and art makers in L.A. have more support than you may realize. Wayne White lent us this amazing painting because he really believes in what’s happening around town.

“Keep it going!” he says.

The back has been fully re-designed.

Here are a ton of shows for you to check out. Supporters (like Scoops’ Tai Kim, Stephe, Steven Carrera of the Cigarette Bums, Jasmine from Son Cats, and Mom Carnage) bought ads. Thanks so much!

Download the full-size May CONCERTPAGE

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Watch Wayne White‘s video for Peter Gabriel‘s song “Big Time.” The music and the visuals have this interplay that is just incredible. So groundbreaking/trend-setting. This is still one of the best videos I have ever seen.

White also built all the sets for the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight.”

Visit Wayne White’s site

Wayne White also created all the puppets on Pee-wee’s Playhouse. This guy is a genius!

CONCERTPAGE artistic director Sam Lubicz and April CP cover artist Nika Kolodziej are both working on the show, and will be performing puppets at the opening.

Read more about Sam Lubicz

See more of Sam & Nika’s art (NSFW)

Get more details about White’s new art show in L.A.

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