Dizparity’s Po Cheng Yeh takes a journey through synths & emotions

Los Angeles—for me—is luck. It’s been my my winning hand, my roll-of-the-dice, my random number generator.

Some of the most incredible, creative people I’ve ever met (Larry Flynt, Eon Mckai, Jack E. Jett, Don Bolles, Bai Ling) have been thrust into my life thanks to this crazy place we call home.

Read all about my move to L.A. from Cleveland, Ohio twenty years ago this month

And it keeps on happening.

Dizparity Po Cheng Yeh Taipei Taiwan DJ Sean Carnage Fridays Oracle Tavern November 11 2022Case in point? Po Cheng Yeh, lately of Taiwan, breezed into Oracle Tavern last month with Upsilon Acrux’s Paul Lai who—understatement of all time—says, “Meet Po—he’s a producer and DJ.” Hi, how do you do.

Po was a super chill guy and offered to send music—standard music scene interactions. But, man, the next I’m listening to his stuff, which he posts under the moniker Dizparity, and wow! My head is about to pop off!

Dizparity is “atmospheric DJ music”—okay, sure—but that’s kind of a generic description that belies the tremendous talents Po possesses.

First off, he’s a superstar in Taiwan, not just another producer.

Dizparity makes pop music dirty and funky, synth music boil over with experimental energy like someone left a John Carpenter soundtrack on top of the stove too long. He also makes TV soundtrack music that’s downright frightening. (Po’s closest analog, pardon the pun, is Captain Ahab / Clipping mastermind Jonathan Snipes… hmm—those two should definitely get together).

Now, Dizparity plays Oracle Tavern as part of Sean Carnage Fridays. Po will be spinning between bands and then laying a long-form set on us after the bands.

Catch Dizparity this Friday, November 11 at Oracle Tavern

I’m so happy I met Po, and learned about Dizparity. Thanks, Paul. Thank you, Los Angeles.

Po Cheng Yeh was gracious enough to answer some questions I had about his background and music—keep reading…

Dizparity Po Cheng Yeh Taipei Taiwan DJ Sean Carnage Fridays Oracle Tavern November 11 2022

Hey, Po, where are you from and how old are you?
Hey Sean, I’m from Taiwan, 28 years old.

What’s your job as far as music goes? Producer, artist, performer, DJ? All of the above?
I started from DJing and making my own stuff as an artist, besides also writing and producing for a variety of artist in many Asian projects. Recently I just finished scoring for a TV series and released two volumes of soundtrack album, there will be more composition projects on the way.

Listen to Dizparity’s stunning ‘The Amazing Grace of Sigma’ soundtrack:

Do you come from a musical family or background?
I got into music quite late—started learning everything in college. But luckily I kept this passion for a long time, and I always listen to lots of music since I was a kid.

Growing up, when did you realize you wanted to be a musician?
I always like making stuff since I was young. Until I got into music and found all those emotions that music can bring to a human being, I feel like it’s the art form that I can comfortably communicate with the universe.

Dizparity Po Cheng Yeh Taipei Taiwan DJ Sean Carnage Fridays Oracle Tavern November 11 2022

Who are your biggest musical influences?
There were many big influences through my music journey. In the early days I was fascinated by the dance music sounds, also I’m influenced a lot by those ’90s electronic music pioneers such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, The Chemical Brothers and Radiohead. Recent years during Covid, I got into ambient music and listened lots of Brian Eno, William Basinski, Harold Budd and John Cage‘s early experimental and ambient records.

How would you describe the special flavor you bring to the music you create?
I would say the specialty of my sound is consisted of atmospheric soundscape and the ongoing uplifting groove that keeps the momentum of the song. If it’s projected into colors, it looks melancholy—but with hope.

What music are you the most proud of?
The new album I just finished mixing and mastering in the past few month is the work that I’m pretty proud of at the moment.

I started the very writing process in 2019 and kept developing and trying different arrangements. It’s influenced by a variety of electronic music genres. The album is called Melancholy Order.

It’s designed to be a journey through synthesizer sounds and emotions, and will be coming out early next year.

Dizparity Po Cheng Yeh Taipei Taiwan DJ Sean Carnage Fridays Oracle Tavern November 11 2022

How did you meet Paul Lai from Upsilon Acrux?
I met Paul at a mutual friends gig in Taipei but he was about to move back to L.A. We eventually get to know each other more in L.A.

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What brings you to Los Angeles? Have you enjoyed your stay here?
I’ve enjoyed my time in L.A. so far. Many friends suggested me to go have a look at the music scene in L.A. It’s definitely more competitive than the rest of the world, but also have so many new things to discover and elevate into your own work.

Who are some artists people in Los Angeles might not know about, but should?
Paul showed me many interesting improvisation records through the ’90s and ’00s. I would recommend No New York, Brian Eno’s No Wave compilation. Some of the musicians from the record are also based in L.A.

Where’s music going in the future?
I think there will be different kinds of way to experience music in the future. After the pandemic It’s sort of reforming the modern art into a more personal experience.

What are you working on now?
I’m working on an ambient album at the moment and there will be a dance theater collaboration for the live shows early next year. Working on sound designs and arrangement alongside with the choreography is a different creative experience for me. Each piece of music is supportiding the whole work in varieties of textures—it’s like an immersive soundtrack.

What kind of music will you be playing at Oracle Tavern?
I will play the music from my upcoming album together with some soundtrack compositions and the upcoming ambient works.

What emotions do you want people to feel when they listen to your DJ set?
It will be a mixture of the sounds and rhythm—should be a mix of different kinds emotion.

What’s the most delicious food or drink you’ve had in Los Angeles?
Afuri Ramen is the best one I have eaten so far! Thanks for the interview Sean!

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Come celebrate twenty years in L.A. with Dizparity, me and some gnarly bands:

Sean Carnage Oracle Tavern November 11 2022 Rig NOÏ ROCK A Lovely Sort Of Death Paul Lai Dizparity Taiwan

Friday 11.11.22 at Oracle TavernRIG, NOÏ (400 Blows + Federation X supergroup from L.A.), A Lovely Sort Of Death, Paul Lai (of the legendary Upsilon Acrux) & special guest DJ Dizparity from Taipei, Taiwan working his magic before, during & after the bands.

All shows 8pm / $10 / 21+

1640 N. Spring, Los Angeles 90012

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