Pretty sure this is a drug reference: ‘A Lovely Sort Of Death’

Once in awhile a band comes along that rocks like hell, and is steeped in style at the same time. San Pedro’s A Lovely Sort Of Death is that band. Their music: a sort of a Quentin Tarantino-esque take on Noise Rock. Cinematic, seductive, pop culture-explosive—and deadly.

See A Lovely Sort Of Death live this Friday, November 11 at Oracle Tavern

Here are ten questions with LSD:

1. Who’s in the band?
Raymond Terrones – Drums and Vocals
Billy Fleps – Bass and Vocals
Moises Maldonado – Guitar and Vocals

2. When and where did you get together?
Originally we shared a room in San Pedro as separate bands but eventually joined forces.

3. What music do you share a bond over? 
Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Fugazi—too many to name.

4. Speaking of LSD, where did you get your name?
We took it from a 1967 movie [also called The Trip, directed by Roger Corman, written by Jack Nicholson, starring Bruce Dern & Peter Fonda] and thought it was provocative.

5. How would you describe your sound?
Fucking awesome.

6. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened on tour or at a show?
We got paid.

7. If your band was a movie, what genre would it be? And who would star in it?
Horror, staring Andy Kaufman.

8. What next for the band?
Our second album is in the works. We are looking for a studio to record currently.

9. How do people connect with you to learn about shows?
That would be through our Instagram @alovelysortofdeathband or Facebook.

10. What do you have in store for Oracle Tavern audience member? What do you want them to think after they watch you play?
Complete Annihilation. We want them to leave spent with the feeling that they need to have a smoke.

Come celebrate twenty years in L.A. with me and some gnarly bands this November 11:

Sean Carnage Oracle Tavern November 11 2022 Rig NOÏ ROCK A Lovely Sort Of Death Paul Lai Dizparity Taiwan

Friday 11.11.22 at Oracle TavernRIG, NOÏ (400 Blows + Federation X supergroup from L.A.), A Lovely Sort Of Death, Paul Lai (of the legendary Upsilon Acrux) & special guest DJ Dizparity from Taipei, Taiwan working his magic before, during & after the bands.

All shows 8pm / $10 / 21+

1640 N. Spring, Los Angeles 90012

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