Cute & difficult & fun: Myriad Slits

Who’s in your Myriad Slits and what do they play?
This time around, just me with my computer tracks and my Korg EMX.

What’s the origin of the name?
I used to play a ragdoll for a very naughty theatre show. It just stuck. It’s my punk name.

How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard you before?
Cute & difficult.

Myriad Slits Sean Carnage Fridays Oracle Tavern May 12 2023

What are your biggest musical and artistic inspirations?
Oof. All the crazy ladies. I really love Erykah Badu. Wynne Greenwood, Poly Styrene. In the art world I love Yoko Ono and Louise Bourgeois. Frida Kahlo changed my life when I was in fourth grade. Um, it’s a really long list that has no ending.

Who are the best underground music makers in L.A. right now?
There are so many! Obviously the people I’m playing with Friday night. I’ve really enjoyed listening to what Neyva, Lost Angeles, Nadu, Natalita, Jangus Kangus and Cathy Cooper have put out recently. I have a biased love for Duderella and Freedom Curse. But again, so so many!

Myriad Slits Sean Carnage Fridays Oracle Tavern May 12 2023

Are you working on anything new? 
New music with my full band ModPods. I would love to make more pop music with Duderella who produced my EP Mucho Mucho. I really want to record with Andrew from Freedom Curse again. I have a plan to put him and Chris/Duderella in a studio and see what chaos ensues while writing songs with them. I really enjoy working with my friends.

Where online can we experience your art?
You can follow my music and art on Instagram. And music also on Bandcamp.

What can folks expect from your show at Oracle Tavern this Friday?
Something cute & difficult & fun.

Do you have any other shows coming up?
Modpods play May 26th at The Lot in City Terrace.

Myriad Slits Sean Carnage Fridays Oracle Tavern May 12 2023

What’s your favorite place to hang out in Los Angeles and why?
I really love going to Little Tokyo. So much great food, and the Geffen Contemporary is there. The Kinokuniya bookstore has some of the best stationery. Also any public park or garden makes me happy. My vibe is very senior citizen.

Don’t miss Myriad Slits this Friday at Oracle Tavern

Sean Carnage Friday Nights Oracle Tavern May 12 2023 Pain Behavior Bat Noise Myriad Slits DJ Kyle Mabson

Fri 5.12.23Pain Behavior, Bat Noise (members of Moira Scar), Myriad Slits, DJ Kyle Mabson

8pm / $10 / 21+

1640 N. Spring, Los Angeles 90012

See you there?

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