All aboard the ACIDTRAIN

What’s ACIDTRAIN all about?
ACIDTRAIN is a solo project for myself, Ryein Evan. I play guitar, synths, sing/shout, and write all the songs.

When did you first start making music as ACIDTRAIN?
I started this project back in 2011 when I was living in Florida briefly. I came across one of those 4-track Tascams, recorded these demos that were called, Which Witch; and are still unreleased. Then I came back to L.A. and played probably two house parties under the ACIDTRAIN name and then completely scrapped the project and started playing in various punk bands.

Then when COVID happened, I started re-working some of these songs and really focusing my attention on this project. Technically I started this project officially in 2020 when I released my first single called “Swallow It.” I finally played my first actual show January 24th of this year.

What’s the origin of the name?
I don’t recall exactly why I decided to land on ACIDTRAIN. I think me and a friend were tossing out ideas for a punk band, and this was one of the names. But that band never even came into fruition, so I just kept ACIDTRAIN because it sounds harsh, chaotic, fast, energetic—and that’s how my music is.

How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard you before?
The style is Doom Disco, which is basically electronic gothic dance-punk.

Watch the video for “Lilith” by ACIDTRAIN

What are your biggest musical and artistic inspirations?
My biggest influences are probably Velvet Underground, Suicide, Spaceman 3, Bob Dylan, New York Dolls, Henry Miller and actually a lot of hip-hop/rappers like Too Short, E-40, Dre, Kendrick, etc. because I admire their ambition, their flow, and lyrical content.

Who are the best underground music makers in L.A. right now?
Some of my faves in the scene right now are definitely Dildox, Neocons, Losses, Critical Limit, and Pink Depression—they’re all such amazing people and write killer songs.

Are you working on anything new? 
Yes! I was actually in the studio this past Easter weekend working on a potential full-length. I’m working with Joel Jerome; who has worked with some awesome bands in the past like Cherry Glazerr, Tijuana Panthers, TV Party and who is also an amazing musician himself. I hope to have the first single released by June and the album to be released sometime later this year.

Where can we experience what you do?
Bandcamp. Has all my merch as well. Apple Music. Spotify.

What can folks expect from your show at Oracle Tavern this Friday?
I will definitely be playing new songs that I have been working on and recording in the studio recently. I like my shows to be fun, engaging, energetic and different.

Do you have any other shows coming up?
At the moment, I don’t have anything planned until later May, like, Memorial Day weekend. Dildox and myself are planning a regional tour in support of a spilt cassette we have been working on together. But sometimes I randomly get hit up to play shows here and there, so they best way to keep an eye out for upcoming shows is just from my Instagram page. I’m most active on IG.

What’s your favorite place to hang out in Los Angeles and why?
One of my fave places is this smaller quiet beach near LAX called Serrano Beach; which is in Playa Del Rey. It’s never busy. I’ll just grab some Mexican food and chill down there by myself. My other fave place to be is Dodger Stadium, going to Dodgers games, I’ll go to games by myself sometimes and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Thanks again and I will see you Friday!

Sean Carnage Friday Nights at Oracle Tavern April 14 2023 Two Crones Dildox Acidtrain DJ Erin Eyesore Chaki Funk Wizard

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Fri 4.14.23 – Two Crones, Dildox, ACIDTRAIN, DJ Erin Eyesore / co-presented with Chaki

8pm / $10 / 21+

1640 N. Spring, Los Angeles 90012

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