A message from Sean: 12,000 thanks!

Four weeks ago Mikhai Tran updated the appearance of this site and for the first time in it’s 5 year history and I started posting about the music I love every single day.

The response was immediate and overwhelming.

One month after I began posting exclusive material—made by and for our community— on SeanCarnage.com, we were deluged with traffic.

12,626 of you dropped in and stayed for the exclusive music, interviews, photos and videos.

I don’t know if you understand the significance of that but that’s an overwhelmingly large number in such a short amount of time.

For that I want to express my gratitude directly to you: thank you so much!

In our first month I created four new videos that were totally original. There will be a new video every week from here on out.

Add me on YouTube and see them first.

I also started a Facebook page for SeanCarnage.com. I will soon be moving all musical interactions over there so I have room for more photos of cats and food on my personal page 😛

Add SeanCarnage.com on Facebook if you want to stay in the loop.

Besides the incredible influx of new faces (yeah, some of you initially came here for the hot cock), I also sold my first ad.

Corey Gingerich’s SLANTY SHANTY RECORDS was the first to step up and say, “The new music and art that you are covering is important and I want to support it.”

Connect with SLANTY SHANTY on Facebook and let Corey know that his support is appreciated!

I have been in publishing for almost 20 years and I am determined to do things my way this time: I’m only accepting ads from bands and labels that are part of our community.

So If you want to advertise here (for an album, a show, a tour, food, etc.) and be seen by the most creative music makers and listeners each month, send me an email (sean@seancarnage.com). I talk to a lot of people—I will be talking about you a lot!

There are a lot of site improvements coming so please keep checking back.

If you are a writer, photographer, or video maker and would like to contribute, send me a sample of your work and give me an idea about what you want to do.

And please be patient. It’s still me—one guy—answering a lot of emails. I think my “first” month’s track record is pretty good. But I know I can make things even better, and I appreciate all your feedback.

I couldn’t—I wouldn’t—do this without you. Los Angeles music—and underground, non-sanctioned expression in general—has saved my life a few dozen times or more. You are my inspiration. And I’m going to work hard to return the favor.

Thanks for the great first month.


-Sean C.

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