40 BANDS / 80 MINUTES! is back and you’re invited

40 BANDS / 80 MINUTES!—the music documentary lauded “Best of the Year” in 2006 by the L.A. Times—is being reissued with remastered audio and picture for the first time since its debut. Plus, a very special free-admission anniversary screening will take place at Zebulon (2478 Fletcher Dr.) on Sunday, March 1, 3pm.

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Co-presented by Zebulon and The Voyager Institute, this event is also the debut of 40 BANDS! director Sean Carnage’s new featurette, SEAN CARNAGE PARKING LOT starring Val Kilmer. DJ Kyle Mabson will spin records, and the pre-film Q&A will be led by Voyager’s Bret Berg.

Then, on Friday, March 6—fourteen years to the day after the doc was filmed at historic all-ages Hollywood venue Il Corral40 BANDS / 80 MINUTES! will be available to stream for the very first time, on YouTube.

40 BANDS / 80 MINUTES! got world attention in 2006 by capturing L.A.’s’ most amazing, experimental and eccentric bands on a single night in Hollywood. They joined together with a daring goal: “To present their uncompromising music to the world… in two minute blasts!” says Carnage. “Using shared equipment, each band had only one chance to get it right. No second takes were allowed.”

These bands fused electronic, rock, dance, metal, jazz, noise and punk within one amazing underground DIY community.

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40 BANDS / 80 MINUTES! is in the same tradition as THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION and URGH! A MUSIC WAR,” says Carnage. “By limiting each band segment to 120 seconds, we kept pace with modern attention spans. In many ways these artists predicted the current state of music way back at the dawn of the 2000s.”

Many performers in the film went on to become international sensations, incl. the Grammy-nominated No Age, world-tourers Health and Nosajthing, and L.A. icons Abe Vigoda, Captain Ahab.

Also starring: future music celebrities incl. members of Sub Pop’s Clipping, Psychic Temple, Mika Miko, Foot Village, Friends Forever, Luxxury, and many more (see complete list below.)

Credits designer Jesse Lee Stout went on to creative direct world tours and TV performances for Rihanna, Jay-Z, Drake, The Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers among others.

The DVD, originally released on noted producer Chris Schlarb’s Sounds Are Active label, was a huge rental hit on nascent mail service Netflix.

Also appearing at Zebulon is 40 BANDS! performer Kyle Mabson, of hip hop group Charge It To The Game and the influential and much-followed @selfies_food_and_pets Instagram. Mabson will be DJing his trademark collage of hits past and present. Mabson also designed the 40 BANDS! rerelease poster.

The event is rounded out by the premiere of the new doc short SEAN CARNAGE PARKING LOT. Filmed in 2011 by videographer Dalton Blanco and edited / produced by Carnage, but unreleased until now, the featurette stars iconic actor Val Kilmer and musicians Dan Deacon and Future Islands at a special show held at defunct Echo Park venue Pehrspace.

Carnage, a Cannes Gold Lion-winning producer, got his start hosting 500+ consecutive Monday-night shows from 2005-2014. “I’ve booked at every notable L.A. music venue including The Smell, but many favorites are long gone including Il Corral (40 BANDS!) and Pehrspace (SEAN CARNAGE PARKING LOT). This is my tribute to scenes that set the tone for 21st Century musical and artistic expression—and linked so many lifetime friends.”


“Top Pop Music DVD of 2006”
–L.A. Times

“Frenetic… the spirit of this über-independent effort can’t be denied”
–Ann Powers, Chief Pop Music Critic, L.A. Times

“Bizarrely enjoyable… The prevailing mood is giddy abandon”
–Natalie Nichols, Music editor, L.A. CityBeat

“If you weren’t there, you’ll wish you had been. If you were, you’ll wish you could be there again—at least for a couple of minutes”
–David Cotner, L.A. Weekly & Signal to Noise

“Chaos like I have never seen”
Jack E. Jett, ManiaTV

“The anti Coachella”
–Dan MacIntosh, Stereo Subversion

“Freaky stuff that will grab your attention and spin your head around”
–Falling James, Carbon 14 Magazine

“A motley crew of acts from all imaginable genres… [all] extreme music standouts”
–Kory Grow, Decibel Magazine

“Ya got noise. Ya got trumpets. Ya got some guys playing their entire two-minute set with nothing but walnuts. Ya got a guy making a sandwich with his feet. Ya got one night of the Los Angeles underground sucked into a hand-held, moving-picture machine“
–Riz Orchestra, L.A. Record

“In the loopy tradition of rock-cinema dada like Big T.N.T. Show and Urgh! A Music War comes this high-concept ear-shredding thrill ride…[a] testimony to the durability of the American underground. Highest recommendation.”
–Ron Garmon, Meanstreet Magazine

“Charming…[makes] one wish more shows were this concise.”
–Josiah Hughes, XLR8R

“The music’s all over the map and most of it’s pretty good, but even the lousy stuff is over fast, so what the heck?”
–Byron Coley & Thurston Moore, Bull Tongue

“I was blown away by the exhilarating collective energy the whole event projected, total diversity and whatevs styles with only a common denominator, ‘Do Your Own Thing, and Care’… Totally sweet, fresh and healthy”
–20 Jazz Funk Greats


00:00:00 – Captain Ahab
00:02:42 – Health
00:03:52 – Whitman
00:05:25 – Dommm
00:06:53 – Naomi Elizabeth
00:08:48 – Bavab Bavab
00:08:52 – Clowns & Fetuses
00:08:56 – Bacon Tears Up Business
00:10:46 – Faux For Real
00:13:08 – I Heart Lung
00:14:19 – Slutty Knuckles
00:15:20 – William Caruso‘s Wet Hot Social Anxiety
00:17:25 – Fireworks
00:19:55 – The Amazements
00:22:21 – Nosajthing
00:24:17 – TV’s Rob Willams explains 40 Bands / 80 Minutes!
00:25:38 – I Rape Nick Lachey
00:27:08 – Rob Williams makes sandwich w/ his feet
00:29:25 – Extreme Double Bubble
00:31:12 – Bipolar Bear
00:33:15 – Parkinsons
00:34:44 – Christ With Braces
00:35:40 – Bizzart vs. Demonslayer
00:37:55 – Erebus Nyx & Styx
00:40:14 – Halloween Swim Team
00:42:37 – Xanaar / Karen Centerfold
00:44:43 – Veer Right Young Pastor
00:46:42 – Unwrinkled Doctor
00:48:54 – Dog Shit Taco
00:50:11 – Harrassor
00:52:28 – Creekbird
00:54:13 – Mitchell Brown
00:56:25 – Weekend Warrior
00:59:07 – Abe Vigoda
01:01:15 – Explogasm
01:03:39 – ///
01:05:04 – Wives (final performance) aka No Age
01:08:57 – Gowns
01:10:14 – Toxic Loincloth
01:12:57 – Mika Miko‘s Kate Hall & Elijah Forrest
01:15:15 – Anavan

40 BANDS / 80 MINUTES! is now online for the very first time in remastered form!

Watch 40 BANDS / 80 MINUTES!

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