Inside Dio’s memorial with HEAVY METAL FUNERAL

Two things that inspire me are Jeff Krulik’s Heavy Metal Parking Lot (he gave me the idea to make videos) and the music of Ronnie James Dio (he inspired me to rock).

So at Dio’s funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetery this past Sunday, I fused the two together. Voila! Double homage.

Dio’s memorial service was like Metal Pride. Everyone was just getting freaky with each other under the bright sun—no shame.

Dio’s career was amazing. He sang some of the most incredible music.

But after meeting all the people at his funeral, I know that what Dio really achieved in life has nothing to do with the number of records sold.

Ronnie James Dio made every fan a friend.

Rest in peace, Ronnie.

And I hope all of you enjoy my video.

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Dio’s HEAVY METAL FUNERAL video description: Official SEANCARNAGE.COM video from Ronnie James Dio’s funeral in Los Angeles. Katon W. De Pena of Harix exclusive interview & more. Recorded on location at Forest Lawn cemetery on May 30, 2010. Produced, directed & edited by Sean Carnage. Extra special thanks to Mikhai Tran, Joshua Ploeg, Gary, Bret Berg, Rich Hyatt, Jeff Krulik & everyone responsible for Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Matthew T.

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