Sean Carnage Fridays return in April; support these excellent shows in the meantime!

Here’s a post I was not expecting to be writing so soon after returning to underground concert booking: I’m taking a brief hiatus.

Sean Carnage Friday Nights will return to Oracle Tavern on Friday, April 14, 2023 with the darkly impressive SAZA headlining. More show details on the Shows page soon.

In the meantime, I’m overjoyed / humbled / relieved and highly appreciative that two underground icons—Nora Keyes and William Badgley—are booking upcoming Fridays at Oracle in my stead. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM!

This Friday, February 10:

Nora Keyes Oracle Tavern February 10 2023

2070 – Amazing, mind-blowing very rocking psychedelic band
Mirage – a true cosmic guitarist—beautiful, rocking, psychedelic
Maddie Mutations – A surrealist singer / performance artist with sensibilities from hyperspace!

Follow Nora Keyes on Instagram for more details

And on Friday, March 10 at Oracle Tavern, check out:

William Badgley NOÏ Fatso Jetson Oracle Tavern February 10 2023

7pm – Doors open
8pm – NOÏ
8:45 – Great Sadness
9:45 – Fatso Jetson

Tickets $10

Follow Bill Badgley on Instagram & watch for more details

The full details behind this hiatus are that my husband, Ryan, who I married recently in Palm Springs was stricken suddenly with a painful Parkinson’s-like condition called Cervical Dystonia, aka Spasmodic Torticollis. It’s turned his life—our life—upside down. It’s been just awful.

There’s no cure for this neurological syndrome. Fortunately Ryan’s a veteran and he’s receiving care at the West L.A. VA Hospital. However, as anyone who’s ever had a chronic medical condition knows, even when you are lucky enough to be covered, navigating the roadblocked, patience-testing maze that is the medical care industry in the United States is a freaking nightmare. Ryan can no longer drive or work. And we just bought a house in South L.A. So it’s been a lot of long hours traveling back and forth to the VA for my poor hubby and me.

The significant demands of my day job plus all of this means there’s no time for concert-hosting at the present moment, I’m sorry to say. Nor much blogging.

God-willing we’ll be back soon. Right now we just need to focus on getting Ryan’s situation stabilized. We’re okay—Ryan will continue with treatment, and we’ll keep taking each day one day at a time. Thanks in advance for your support and friendship. We treasure each of you, my friends.

Please support Nora and Bill Badgley’s Friday shows. I am going to try to make it down to Oracle myself.

Keep us in your thoughts. I love you. See you in April…

And enjoy some background reading on both upcoming shows:

Filmmaker Bill Badgley talks Rebel Dread—& debuts a sick new band, NOÏ

Read all about Nora Keyes magical musical & artistic explorations over the years

Watch an exclusive Carnage video: Nora Keyes “Luminosities”

I wrote about Fatso Jetson waaay back in 1996—I’m so glad they’re still rocking!

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