Quick Hits: Kroyclub

Name: Kroyclub

Base of operations: Torrance

Personnel: Luis Santoyo, Kevin Ventura, Luis Portillo, Domenic Limon. “Our live set includes 4 people, 2 laptops each with its own instrument 1. Akai MPD32 , and 2. Akai APC40, a bass player and a drummer.”

Quote: “I want to slowly create a different genre as I advance,” says Luis Santoyo.

Kroyclub plays Pehrspace for the first time tonight.

What do you call the music you make, Luis?
Well I call my music “electronic.” But it’s a sub-genre so I’d say “Industrial/thrash.”

What’s your goal when you create a new piece of music?
When I create a new music I want to make sure it has a total different sound than the things I hear around.

For example, heres a totally different style Kroyclub track you might be interested in [download]

What’s the ultimate as far as music goes?
I think nowadays there are way too many producers creating electro house/ techno/dutch, and simply DJing at events.

It’s so boring. To me the ultimate in music is an artist who is willing to explore different varieties of performing. For example Captain Ahab, or Tleilaxu Music Machine—where they actually have some sort of live act in their performance, they’re not just your regular old DJ.

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Image: Juiceboxxx

Sean Carnage presents…

Vice Cooler

with a DJ set by

plus special guests
The New Dreamz (feat. Rose and Andrew Jeffrey Wright)

Don’t miss the Pehr debut of
Secret Friends


Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Hostoric Filipinotown

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