Now THAT’s a party: Ts Madison & Kevin JZ Prodigy at Grammy Jammy 2024

Carnage & DJ Dizparity.

The GRAMMY Awards are, for this capital of the music industry, kind of like L.A.’s Super Bowl (well, along with the Academy Awards of course). But you know, the Grammys—highly problematic over the years. Some years one finds tons of musicians to root for. Other times… not so much.

Bravo to WVZ MFG (pronounced “Waves Manufacturing”) to take the initiative and reclaim the Grammys—to spotlight LGBTQ+, Queer and Black artists, musicians and fans and all their myriad contributions which are rarely acknowledged.

WVZ had their excellent roster on display, along with some legit superstars like Ts Madison (Rupaul’s Drag Race judge) and Kevin JZ Prodigy—both fresh from Beyoncé’s Renaissance—serving C.U.N.T., mama. [Shout out to my family, the House Of Abundance, who I recently experienced this with!]

Check out the photos and video. It was a privilege to be invited. Thank you. So fun!

The place was jam packed for WVZ MFG’s annual Grammy Jammy. Photo: Sean Carnage.

The festivities were very organic. Such a vibe.

This was such a beautiful celebration. Photo: Sean Carnage.

I know Ts Madison for her videos and her appearances on Drag Race and at DragCon. I did not realize that she is such a great singer. 360º amazing—what a legend!

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Ts Madison & Tangina Stone. Photo: Sean Carnage.

Tangina Stone sang “Petty” and improvised with the band. Rad.

DJs Jéli & Dizparity. Photo: Sean Carnage.

Po Cheng Yeh aka DJ Dizparity and his buddy DJ Jéli. Thanks for inviting me.

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WVZ artist Cor.ece. Photo: Sean Carnage.

Cor.ece was a natural as event MC and superb as a performer.

The beautiful humans behind WVZ MFG. Thnak for the best party! Photo: Sean Carnage.

We are so lucky to have WVZ MFG in Los Angeles and in our world. There’s a feeling that’s contagious when you are nailing it as WVZ is—artistically, organizationally, for the communities, for musical and artistic expression… WVZ has it and the feeling was shared and appreciated by all at their Grammy Jammy.

Can’t wait for next year!

Watch the 2024 Grammy Jammy on YouTube

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