Halloween Costume contest on monday night!

Take some time out this weekend and make yourself a kickass Halloween costume. And then head over to Il Corral. ‘Cuz the Bizzart/I Heart Lung/Macka/Robin Williams On Fire show is gonna be sweet.

And we are having a costume contest!!

This year: best costume gets a $40 cash prize.

I know it sometimes costs a little bit to put together a killer costume.

Why not win the money back on Monday night!?

Also, we will have a bobbing for apples contest and tons of great music from DJ Mr. Kyle H. Mabson!!!!

See you there?

Show starts 9:30pm / all-ages / $5 / Il Corral 662 N. Heliotrope Dr. L.A.

Tonight: Nora Keyes’ “Root’n’Tutenkamen” party at Il Corral.



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