The Strokes (not a cover band) are cancelled

There’s suddenly been a lot of interest in next week’s Pehrspace show, co-starring Clipping (Captain AhabRale), MC Gaff E (from the UK), DJ Baglady and Secret Friends.

The headliners were to be a band whose moniker reflects the aspirations (sometimes disguised) of an entire generation. That this caused so much furor is a shock, but not entirely surprising in retrospect. A lot of the young people with guitars and mics in their hands right now are because of certain musicians named Julian, Nick, Albert Jr., Nik and Fab.

When the Strokes (not a cover band) called me originally, a Pehr appearance sounded like a fun treat for the regular showgoers. Lord knows we’ve done crazier things. It was not a publicity stunt. I know Strokes fans are mostly gonna hate what I do at Pehr. Who would want to risk their ire?

But, in the end, it all comes down to one thing: your safety at my shows is my highest concern. Therefore, at 12:13pm this afternoon, I called the Strokes (not a cover band) and cancelled their appearance.

To their credit the band was apologetic and worried about Pehrspace mostly.

The Strokes (not a cover band) have been cancelled.

Their appearance will not be rescheduled.

I love those guys so I’m not going to apologize for booking them. But this is out of hand.

My biggest concern is for Pehrspace, which I love, and I send my sincere apologies to everyone there.

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