World premiere: “Zero Ghost” by Back to the Future the Ride

Once in awhile something comes along that is just so magical, I have to stop what I’m doing and share immediately.

Such is the case with Back to the Future the Ride’s immaculate new “Zero Ghost” video.


Because it looks like found footage, but when you watch it. Whammo! Reality has been subtly and magically altered—much like with BTTFTR’s evanescent music.

Sole BTTFTR band member Brian Miller (or Charlemagne Lazarus as his mother likely never called him) says it’s all to the credit of director Rob Heppell:

“I was fortunate enough to be contacted by him. I actually knew his work already because he did a video for Coyote Clean Up, a band I have worked with [via Deathbombarc Recs]. Rob Heppell lives in the UK and travels all over to make his films that usually combine the feel of incidental footage , common to all supernatural sightings caught on camera, and meticulous editing/special effects. Magical realism at its color saturated most.”

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