Win tickets: Richard Metzger at Cinefamily tonight

From Richard Metzger‘s humble beginnings in Wheeling, West Virginia, this explicator extraordinaire has chronicled, promoted, & dissected the underground phenomena of our time on his Dangerous Minds blog, and through Disinformation (motto: “Everything you know is wrong”) and Boing Boing.

Metzger has probed the minds of counterculture luminaries like Genesis P-Orridge, Mick Farren and even slightly more mainstream geniuses like Doctor Who’s David Tennant and Russell T. Davies. Despite the esoteric nature of his investigations, Metzger always remains humble and on topic, which is much appreciated.

Metzger has been a television host (in NYC and in the UK), and a rabid video collector, so prepare to be amazed when he busts open his media treasure chest tonight at Cinefamily.

Richard Metzger photo: Peter Berberian.


For tonight’s session, we’re thrilled to present a friend who is not only a true warrior collector of amazing one-of-a-kind artifacts, but also a fantastic chronicler of hidden underground culture: Richard Metzger, creator of Dangerous Minds and co-creator of Disinformation! Simply put, Richard’s one of the world’s foremost experts on all things counterculture, conspiratorial and just plain crazy. From a childhood in West Virginia spent obsessively digging through libraries (“There wasn’t a whole lot to do except to tip cows and to read”), to a grown-up era of showcasing the work of folks he respects and admires on TV (Disinformation), in blogland ( and in print (“Everything You Know Is Wrong”), Richard’s amassed a personal archive that overflows with impossibly cool items. This evening will be a closet-rummaging bonanza, as Richard shows you everything from his incredible archival print materials to priceless time capsule footage of the groundbreaking ‘80s NYC club scene (of which he was a part!) Plus, join us for excerpts of Richard’s music video work, highlights from the Disinformation TV show, and so much more!

Need more (dis) info on Richard Metzger? Watch these videos:

Attend Show & Tell with Richard Metzger at 8pm at Cinefamily tonight (click for full details)

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The first 5 people to do so (before 7pm tonight) will win a pair of Cinefamily passes for this evening. Good luck!

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