Whoa yeah check out the new Myonics EP Digits

The Myonics (Jasper Leach and Qonnie Kim, plus/minus Bonecrusher, Brian, Eric, Tom, Billy and Liam) are back with a new EP and I’m totally psyched! Here’s what the group says about their latest effort:

“The Myonics return with this enigmatic EP, evidence of the short-lived and seldom-spoken-of East Coast lineup, and the marking of the first appearance of many a new member to the fold. Sleek reverb, incessant melodies and sheer noise collide on this 13-minute epic meditation.”

I biked around listening to Digits not once or twice but four times on my crosstown journey. It was very apropos to my travel, as the music moves effortlessly from mood to mood, mixing in exotic (and sometimes) fuzzy aural ambiances. It’s pop that rocks and it was like a refreshing blast of coolness during these record-hot L.A. days. Check it out—you might love it.

Listen to the new Myonics EP here

Read a full-length interview with the group

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