WATCH: Moment Trigger + Nancy Popp “Sikk Ripperzz”

This past week, an historic collaboration happened at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) in Hollywood.

L.A. shredders Moment Trigger teamed up with artist Nancy Popp for a mash-up set that was equal parts out-there performance piece and noise fest.

Eardrums and scenery alike were ripped to shreds.

But I don’t have to tell you about it—you can watch it yourself.

This video, “Sikk Ripperz,” is a collabo, too. Dalton Blanco (previously of Monday night faves Robin Williams on Fire, and many more) is back in the area. We met at the event, chose angles and let the cameras roll. Ms. Popp and Moment Trigger did their thing, and then Dalton and I edited the footage together (in the process condensing it down form 25 minutes to three).

Here are a few teasers:





The LACE people—curator Dino Dinco set up the Moment Trigger/Popp show—say they are going to do events on Thursdays. I’m excited to experience the next one.

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