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So I opened a vintage store. I’ve been buying t-shirts and records since 1984 and I love vintage so—voila! Dream come true.

Everything comes from my personal collection. Basically, I can’t wear any of these old shirts any more no matter how much I still love them.

I want these treasures to go to good homes—it’s not about making money. It just seems wrong to dump them in the garbage or at Goodwill / eBay / Etsy.

Click and check out my shop.

I’m also selling limited edition vinyl & some DVDs / CDs too. I just don’t listen to these recordings much anymore, despite how great they are.

My loss is your gain. Check back as I will continue to add to my store’s stock.

Any money I make from sales goes to keeping this site online and digitizing photo and video archives which span from the late 1980s through today.

Thanks in advance for your patronage.

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