Tuff shit

HARDCORE! YEAH! The realest shit!

7 Seconds? Avail? FUCK THAT PUSSY SHIT! I’m talkin’ heavy.

Place yourself.

The place: New Jersey. The Year: 1994.

Ya’ll ready for this?

This is a playlist of some tough ass bros doin’ their fuckin’ thang (in no order at all). ROCKIN’.

FURY OF FIVE – “Do Or Die”
Dreads, muscles, moves. sick spin moves. these dudes got it ALL.

MERAUDER – “Master Killer”
sick ass shit. the stick fight in this vid is KILLER

EARTH CRISIS – “Provoke”
(instead of a sentence just put on this picture i attached)

HATEBREED – “I Will Be Heard”
yo! stand up! don’t let no muthafucka hold you down!

LIFE OF AGONY – “Through And Through”
this drummer quit type o negative to be in this band. good fuckin’ move. fuck that pussy shit

ONYX feat. BIOHAZARD – “Judgement Night”
2 way different bands comin’ together to be tough as FUCK

SICK OF IT ALL – “Potential for a Fall”
These vid also gives ya tips for when your attacked. THE TOUGHEST

ONE LIFE CREW – “Stra-Hate Edge”
home town heroes for sean. probably why he is so homophobic

MADBALL – “Down By Law”
sometimes i just really wanna move to new york

pioneers! so smooth! wicked vocals.

Won’t even compare to what ya’ll gonna see on Monday. aka REALER THAN REAL AKA ME SMACKIN’ YER MOM. Violence & Negativity ya’ll. Recognize.

Don’t miss this concert:

It’s the birthday show!

Sean Carnage presents…

11:45 Violence & Negativity
11:30 Calipz (Vice from XBXRX & birthday girl Yasmine from Tearist)
10:50 M31 (feat. birthday boy Brian)
10:15 Upsilon Acrux
9:45pm Moment Trigger

Doors at 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

RSVP for the show & get updates


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