Tremellow keeps it “wet” at album release

I was making a video for L.A. Zine Fest and I put the song “Misled” by Los Angeles four piece Tremellow on the soundtrack. When I’m editing I’m listening to things many times in a row. I could have listened to Tremellow 10,000 times in a row—they never cease to bring a smile to my face.

It’s pop you can play for your rock friends. It’s rock you can play for your hip hop friends. You can play Tremellow for anyone groovy—it bridges all gaps as the best music always does.

Tremellow’s “Cocktel de Amor” debuts Monday with Signals, Batwings Catwings, Stripper Pussy and Kid Infinity 3D video as a bonus!

Hey, Trefellows. Thanks for the interview. Who is in your band?
Alejandro Lizarraga: I play percussion.

Uli Lizarraga: I play guitar/sequencers.

Carlos Michel: I play guitar with four strings and a Dr. Sample 303.

Adrian Acosta: I sing and play guitar. And we’re from the 818—the Valley.


How would you describe your sound?
Adrian: For some reason describing the sound comes hard to us, since it’s never a conscious decision to project a sound or style of music. I think the audience would have a better understanding of what might set us apart from other bands. Let’s just say it’s “Wet.”

What are some bands or genres of music that all you guys like in common?
Adrian: We love hip hop music, it’s the on thing we can agree on if we’re in a car together.

Carlos: Melvins?

What got you hyped on music as a kid?
Uli: Michael Jackson’s 1993 super bowl half time performance. I wasn’t there, but saw it on T.V.

Alex: Slipknot at Ozzfest

Adrian: Merzbow at Arthurfest. His set completely fucked up my ears for a week, but loved every minute of it.

Carlos: Watching my uncle play flamenco guitar as a kid really inspired me.

How did you meet and when did you form the band?
Adrian: We knew each other from our previous bands.

Alex: Our bands use to play shows together.

Uli: Our bands broke up, we met at a party one night sometime early 2005 and decided to start a band.


Who came up with the name?
Alex: A previous member of the band came up with the name and it just stuck. Haha

What’s happening at Pehrspace on Monday night?
Carlos: We’re releasing a collection of songs on cassette that we’ve had stored away for quite some time. Also our friends in Stripper Pussy, Batwings Catwings, Signals are performing that night.

Alex: Kid Infinity is also premiering their new music video in 3D. It’s gonna be sick!

Tell us about the new record—what is it called?
Adrian: The E.p is called Cocktel de Amor, we’re releasing it on cassette and with purchase you’ll receive a 7 song download code. We recorded at our friend Andy Alonzo studio who also helped us in producing it.

Who wrote the lyrics?
Uli: We write collectively. Our subject matter is usually drug problems, dreams, technology and extraterrestrial life.

What do you think about the L.A. scene?
Adrian: Melting pot of music. It’s a bit elitist, you got your hype bands, and you got your really good bands. Overall, there’s a talented bunch out there.


How did you come up with the idea for your video “Head Pop”?
Adrian: We met with director Dalton Blanco a few times before shooting, to brainstorm a concept. We had a difficult time deciding on a plot for the video. Then one bright Sunday morning I received a text from Dalton with the crowd surfing idea so we said “fuck it, we’re down.”

Uli: The crowd surfing really only took about one hour to shoot but it was hilarious and had no idea how it would turn out. Mad props to Dalton though, he made it work.

If you could write a hit for a top 40 artist, what would it be?
Uli: Beyonce.“Hope You Got Yourself a Gun II”. It would be about her relationship with the other members of Destiny’s Child.

Alex: Miley Cyrus. “Break-up”. It’s about a bad break-up.

Adrian: Drake. “I’m Shoeless”. A song about Drake loosing his favorite kicks.

Carlos: Justine Beiber. “Give me a chance.” He cheated on his girl, and needs to re-gain her trust. So he joins a metal band to prove to her that he’s a changed man


What’s next for you guys?
Uli: Oprah

Adrian: Touring, touring, touring and already writing and recording new material.

Where can people get your music?
Alex: Itunes and our website (, our shows and record stores near you very soon ;).

What’s on your summer mixtape?
Alex: Little Susie, Los Crudos, Poor Pirates, Pencils on railroad tracks, PoPo

Uli: Jay Z, Stanley Jordan, Scott Henderson, R Kelly, Norman Brown

Carlos: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brenton Wood, Talking Heads, The Meters, Cream

Adrian: El Guincho, Yo La Tengo, J Dilla, Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges, Takako Minekawa

Watch the new Tremellow music video, directed by Dalton Blanco

Hear more Tremellow + get their new album

Watch more videos by Dalton Blanco, starring Tremellow members

Do not miss this show:

This Monday, May 14

Sean Carnage presents

Tremellow release party

with Signals
Batwings Catwings
Stripper Pussy

Plus Kid Infinity premiering their new 3D video (glasses provided)

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown RSVP

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