Tonight: Vancouver’s Nü Sensae play Alan Fest III

In case you didn’t know, Nü Sensae are an amazing two-piece punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia—one of the scuzziest places in the world.

The scene there itself is a testament to its will to live after being under attack and persecution. It takes a lot for those bands to exist, and they come out “DIY or Die!!!”

If you missed their two-month U.S. Tour, you have the chance to see them again, thanks to some individuals who flew them back down to California.

Nü Sensae is inspiring and makes me feel lazy. They give me the fear of death-by-sinking-in-the-La Brea Tar Pits.

Who are you?
Daniel: Daniel Roberto de Saldanha Pitout.
Andrea: I am Andrea.

Is there anything more you can tell us about Vancouver? There is a common misconception that it is very clean and lame.
Daniel: Vancouver is filthy. It’s a port city so rats have been managing this place since the 1800’s. The Downtown Eastside is the poorest area code in Canada and we have one of the worst drug problems in North America. But it’s also really nice. The bands here are awesome.
Andrea: It’s very green and it rains 70% of the year.

Is Nardwuar at every show in Vancouver?
Daniel: I never see him at shows, but he likes Nü Sensae a lot and sometimes sends us press clippings he finds of us.

So what can you tell us about Canada and Jersey Shore?
Daniel: We don’t have any guidos here, at least not in Vancouver. But if we did I would totally be DTF.
Andrea: Those clowns DJ here quite a bit.
Daniel: Andrea is a “juicehead.”

Seeing as how you saw “Hole” reunite, what is your perception on breaking up, and reforming now that you are in Heavy Chains, and eating out, who will get the Nü Sensae name when you inevitably split up?
Andrea: Daniel is the face, but I’m the money.
Daniel: We will never split up. We have too many tattoos.

Have you seen Courtney’s cover of Lady Gaga? What do you think? Which one should quit doing Lady Gaga songs?
Daniel: I haven’t seen that. I think Courtney should stop covering other people’s songs and just play all of Live Through This in my apartment.

Have you thought about somehow becoming Hole’s rhythm section?
Daniel: That has crossed my mind more than a few times. I also dream about replacing that unnecessary redheaded girl that joined the Breeders, or having Kim Gordon as my best friend.

So have things changed in the band since Daniel is now a sex symbol?
Andrea: He’s a sex terrorist.

Is Nü Sensae really an L.A. band at heart, or do your hearts belong to Vancouver forever?
Daniel: I don’t know if we are either actually. Andrea moved from Serbia and I from South Africa so we are really a pseudo-Canadian band. We do love visiting SoCal though.
Andrea: We’re L.A. orphans.

Are there any bands that people should know/care about?
Daniel: White Lung. Broken Water. Black Wizard. Shannon And The Clams.
Andrea: NASA Space Universe, I think you might know them…Unlearn are from Vancouver—they are playing California next month—rad noisy fast punk.  Go see them. Hari Legs are from Vancouver, as well. Legs has an amazing voice—she won the karaoke championships here—and Harry and Connor are the rhythm section—ruling! Verraterisch, our friends from Sacramento.  Fortunately they remind me of Tozi Babe.

Thanks for your time.  Is there anything else you would like to say?
Andrea: Alan Fest rules, Alan rules, it’s the rules.
Daniel: By the rules.

See Nü Sensae at Alan Fest III tonight:

Alan Fest III—”Santa Clarita’s musical wake-up call”—is this Saturday, October 16. It’s $7 at the door ($5 pre-sale—click here for more details). Proceeds will go “partly to the Senior Center (no joke).

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