Tonight: The Emotron, 400 Blows on KXLU’s Demolisten

Ooh here’s some excitement—L.A.’s most suavely brutal band, 400 Blows, and up-and-coming cathartic freakshow, The Emotron, are both appearing on KXLU’s Demolisten today on 88.9FM (or

400 Blows have long been one of the best bands in Southern California. But they haven’t played live on the radio for years—until now!

Demolisten host Fred Kiko will be presenting an exclusive in-studio concert by the band in the show’s second hour (after 7pm).

Also, I will be assuming my usual co-hosting duties with a crucial twist this week: I will be doing Demolisten’s first on-air interview with The Emotron (who is playing Pehrspace this Monday with Tleilaxu Music Machine, Wet Mango, Organ Trail and Mikki & the Mauses).

Tune in to Demolisten on your computer to hear & WATCH the proceedings live

Watch a disturbing video by The Emotron

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