This is how Los Angeles greets our President?

It was like a Tea Party nightmare come to life at Echo Curio last night. Every last paranoid fear about our President was fully visualized in the new art installation, Just look at what he’s doing!. It was an artistic orgy of sexual, racial and political no-no’s that left visitors gasping. With laughter.

Musician and artist Geoff Geis (and collaborators Sarah Cisco, Caitlin Craggs, and Kitty Dexter) really took Obamaporn to the next level with “Hail to the Chief” and other patriotic tunes on the radio, (black) penis-shaped snacks, and a free-standing fountain depicting man of the night Barack O. as a very well hung Commander-in-Chief standing on the American flag, chewing our Constitution, and pissing all over the White House.

Even I was shocked.

Obamaporn collaborator Sarah Cisco welcomes visitors to the show (all photos this page: Sean Carnage)

Just look at what he’s doing! creator Geoff Geis has said that “The serious art world [is] boring, and to an outsider like me it seems quite masturbatory. I, on the other hand, glue the President’s head on naked dudes.”

Well, Geis did a helluva lot more than that…

He stuck a giant burlap-covered schlong on Barack’s Obama. Wow!

Here you can see the Prez really letting our sacred institutions have it.

This piece was, umm, massive—and fully visible to passersby on the street.

Nice floor mat!

D. Bene Tleilaxu, Mikhai Tran and artist Geoff Geis

I love it how Geoff Geis explained: “The visual artist that has inspired me most is Marcel Duchamp. He reduced art to the essence from which it truly gains value—not through the ‘vision’ of the artist, but through the reaction of the audience. My art is dependent on audience reaction […] I don’t want control.”

(That could be the Sean Carnage credo, too.)

This was one of the best in the whole show—Kitty Dexter’s “Nude Portrait of our President in Office” or “Just hangin’ out 2010.”

Could this possibly be true to life?

Here’s what I’m sure is a top Tea Party fear/fantasy.

Pizza! man (and SEANCARNAGE.COM copy editor) Tyler Sabbag catered the food for the sizable crowd.

Would you like some cheesy dick?

Don’t you love Obama’s chocolate treats?

“The Barack-ulate conception”?

You can still see Geoff Geis’ Obamaporn:

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