L.A.’s Top 10 underground Halloween concert parties of the 2000s

Recently I published a complete list of the Sean Carnage Monday Night concerts, venues and bands:

Check out the Monday Nights Show List page.

Maybe some of you have taken part in what is recognized as a legendary string of consecutive shows—almost 500 in total. They were billed as the “best of the cutting-edge.”

That is: radically all-inclusive, genre-defying musical performance fests which happened in art galleries (mainly Il Corral and Pehrspace but also at other venues) for a decade from 2005-2014 that anyone could attend and express themselves at.

If you want to find out the most-booked bands and DJs—all the the important players and stats, sliced ‘n diced for statistical computation—click here.

Or just go directly to the Shows List page and explore

Though I curated Mondays overall and my name was on it, it was definitely not a one-person show. Monday Nights were a massive group effort by an ever-growing circle of friends (thank you).

That said, if you want to hear my POV on things—as told to No Wave legend Lydia Lunch—listen here.

Over the years, one thing all of us underground artists, musicians, thinkers, doers and fans did best—did consistently—was throw some really freakin’ great Halloween concert parties.

Here are the best of the best. I encourage you to click through for full pics.


Il Corral Sean Carnage Monday Nights

Mon 10.31.05
Anavan, Explogasm, Halloween Swim Team, I.E., Laco$te, DJs Em & Em

They say the original is the best and there’s a lot of truth in this. Just check out these babies! I met so many folks who would become close friends on this night… I remain forever grateful.

Crazy great costumes, too!

See the photos

Mon 10.30.06
Bizzart, I Heart Lung, Robin Williams On Fire, Macka

Sequels are tough. Bigger, flashier—but better? Well, we did have bobbing for apples and Robin Williams on Fire dressed as Kiss!

You will not believe these pics

Kyle Mabson Pehrspace

Mon 10.29.07
Anavan, Casy + Brian, Do ‘N Dudes, John Thill, Laco$te, Vaginals, Whitman

In 2007 we moved from Il Corral to Pehrspace, but did that slow our Halloween roll? Duh, of course not.

Check out this Halloween extravaganza!

Gumshoe Devin Pehrspace

Mon 10.27.08
Gumshoe, Icy Lytes, Kawaiietly Please, Kid Infinity, The Keyishe

2008 was definitely all about dancing. This might be the Halloween with the most photos, too. Again—look at those babies!

Do we know how to party or what? See the photos

Mon 10.26.09
Noisy Pig, Joey Casio, Cock Block, David Liebe Hart, Ordnungsamt, Güf Trüp

This one was a little short on extravagant costumes but rich with…. David Liebe Hart! And Adam Papagan! Classics.

Click + relive the madness

Mon 10.25.10
BIRTH!, Kevin Shields, Pedestrian Deposit, Slaves, Josie Bunnie

BIRTH! aka Doug is one of my all-time favorite performers. Same with Kevin Shields. What a show!

This was one of the best—check it out

Mon 10.31.11
Guns ‘N Broses, Captain Ahab, Cristopher Cichocki, Barfth, Greenlander

Now for me, this is where the later stage Monday madness really took hold. Shit got all abstract and WILD. This was probably my favorite year just because it was so nuts.

Full photos right here

Mon 10.29.12
Fielded, Little Debbie, Bleak End at Bernie’s, Bernard Herman

Q: How could we top 2011? A: We couldn’t! This was a chill, sit-down affair and I’m cool with that. At least I got to see Abe Lincoln wrestle Mr. America.

Don’t wait—check out the photos

Elaine Carey's Birds costume is so amazing!

Mon 10.28.13
Rococo Jet, Ezra Buchla, Whitman, Nicole Kidman, Forest Kingdom, Cool World DJs

Best costume alert! Best costume alert! Elaine Carey killed it with her Birds tribute. Does anyone have any more photos of this show? I think I had too much fun.

The complete pics are right this way…

John Merrick Look Alike Motherfucker Second Wave Sean Carnage

Sat 10.17.15
Child Abuse, Select Sex, John Merrick Look Alike Motherfucker, VJ Wes

In 2015 we seemed to be starting over at a new venue which felt really cool—but ended up being extremely short-lived (one show). Still, this is the night I met Tim Dahl from Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus band which led to that podcast where I got to lay out the whole Monday ethos and experience. Full circle or blast off to a new world? I’ll let you decide.

Nothing like goin’ out with a bang—this way to the photos

Thanks for reading! If you have any photos you want to share from these great shows, I’d really appreciate you dropping me a line here.

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