The SEANCARNAGE.COM office is open for business

I’m proud to announce that—after much work and consolidation—the SEANCARNAGE.COM office is officially ready. I’ve actually been working here for a number of weeks (sometimes with features editor Deseret Rodriguez), but now the space is safe for collaborators to come down and have some fun, too.

I am currently seeking full-time staffers: a full-time promo intern/assistant, an editorial intern, a reviews editor, an archivist, a video producer, and an audio producer.

The mission: to document and promote the current resurgence of Southern California underground music (and related scenes across the globe).

“Letting artists tell their own story” is how I like to summarize it.

So if you are up for an adventure, I would love to have your company on this trip.

SEANCARNAGE.COM started as a photo dump for my Monday Nights, but long ago surpassed that function.

Now I provide daily news, features, photos, original video, exclusive MP3s…it’s kind of overwhelming—and totally exciting.

While writers who work over the Net will always be a huge help to me (thank you Isaac, Melvin, Kyle, Geoff, Joshua), I have been working in publishing for nearly 20 years now and I really feel like I have a lot of knowledge to share. So I am seeking in-person collaborators who, just like me, work standard hours (in this case 11am-6pm, Monday-Friday), or some variation of said hours, each week.

I’m also looking for folks who have their own laptops. But if you don’t, I have a computer work station all set up for you (see above).

See these packages? The office has barely opened and we have tons of promos flooding the mailbox. The reviews editor will have a lot of options/fun/influence as soon as they get set up.

Here’s another crazy thing: I have a file on almost every well-known metal and underground band dating back to 1989. The folders (all very well organized) are filled with old tour support photos, press kits, exclusive photos, etc. I want to get these all online ASAP. If you have a meticulous personality and an interest in underground music history, you could be an Internet superstar posting all this rare stuff.

The pay for these SC.COM jobs is (at the moment) a daily and delicious lunch (even I work for free at this point).

But if you are unemployed—and I know so many badass creative and communication geniuses are in that position right now—this is a great opportunity.

And if you give me a month or two of consistent effort, I know that I can sell the ads necessary to get some $ coming in so when the EDD runs out we will be covered.

Basically it all comes down to this: our human existence will always be moderated by others unless we stand up and get our message out there ourselves.

I do not want the legacy of our current L.A. music scene to be determined by a bunch of Pitchfork-loving New Yorkers. I mean, yucky! What could possibly be worse than that!?

We have all put in so much effort to make the local underound music and art scenes what they are right now. Don’t let someone else take credit for your blood, sweat and tears.

Join me at SEANCARNAGE.COM and make your mark.

Hit me up with work samples/references/and a few sentences about what you’re best at:

Thank you.

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