The meat-ium is the message: Batwings Catwings’ new video

Sizzle. Slurp. Sip. Burp. Yum!

You must be watching the new video for Batwings Catwings’ “Endless Summer” by collage meister Bret Berg. What—you haven’t seen it yet?

Prepare to be hungry!

Batwings Catwings: not just burger fans

Hey, Clay, who came up with the concept for the Batwings Catwings video?
Bret Berg, from Anavan, Cockwind, Cinefamily, etc.

Are there any classic videos that inspired you for this project?
We loved what he did with Anavan and Health videos so we just asked him to go for it.

What emotions or feelings do you want audiences to walk away with after viewing your vid?
To either go eat a burger or to never eat one again.

What’s on the agenda for Batwings Catwings in 2011?
Our EP, Peacock Collection, came out yesterday on Indiangold Records. We have some shows coming up with Michael Nhat, KIT, and Moses Campbell which should all be rad. We plan on going to SXSW and playing some shows too. Ultimately though, we want to write new stuff and put out another album or EP within the next six months.

Watch Batwings Catwings’ “Endless Summer” directed by Bret Berg

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