The Knight that was

Photo: Sean Carnage

I’m really proud of this past Monday night. I asked Knight Rider to curate, and they chose so many great performers… I learned so much! The audience was amazing, too, so thanks for coming out.

The sounds we heard may have been electronic/beat-oriented pop, but the emotions were anything but sunny. This was complex music that sounded simple on the surface—but rewarded deep listening.

Photos: Sean Carnage

Wonder Wheel‘s electronic component was the tons of effects that the singer/guitar player used. He layered swirling textures over a red hot rhythm section and turned their grungey rock into something fuzzy and molten and dangerous.

Wet Mango so impressed me. I have never heard anyone wring such detailed and compelling music out of what are essentially toys. It takes a bit of genius to do that. And you could rage to it. Fuck yeah.

Photo: Mikhai Tran

Another impressive performer: Baths. This dude was like Dan Deacon DJ’ing a warehouse party while on Tussin. What I mean to say it was supremely catchy DIY electronic indie pop made for dancing…except during the psychedelic parts where the beats slowed and morphed into something underwater sounding (that’s where the Tussin part comes in).

Photo: Mikhai Tran

Speaking of Tussin…Knight Rider had a bit of a bad night, with their ride breaking down on the way to the show. This caused some delays, and I really appreciate everyone who stuck around. Obviously, any band that could curate such a wide-ranging and forward-looking evening of music has to have something on the ball. Knight Rider write really compelling songs that may sound kinda mopey/retro on first listen. But there are razorblades in there so be careful!

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I also screened a rough cut of my mini-documentary on the International Noise Conference L.A. 2010. The doc is now finished.

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And don’t miss this Monday, Monday, May 3. It’s just what the flying doctor ordered: a night of electrosensual experimentation!

Sean Carnage presents…

Cockwind (the gay Hawkwind tribute)
Daniel Francis Doyle
Dwyer’s Corneas
Western Popular

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

Blast off in 10…9…8………

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