That time Anthony Kiedis hung out with us on a Monday Night

3/27/06: This was a great night of music featuring Foot Foot, Terrors, Bavab Bavab, Mammal Eggs, The Amazements, Karen Centerfold and—oh yeah!—Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Anthony is the godfather of our friend, performer Elijah Forrest, so Mr. Kiedis didn’t exactly wander in by accident.

He told me that the first Red Hot Chili Peppers show was “right across the street,” and that this area of town (Melrose & Heliotrope) has “good creative vibes” and we were “keeping the spirit alive.”

Namasté, Anthony!

[Fact check: Anthony Kiedis may be remembering playing at the Anti-Club which was nearby early on in the Peppers’ career, and was a similarly squalid underground / after hours hole-in-the-wall. However the Anti-Club was not the site of the very first RHCP show—at least according to this site.]

Bavab Bavab

Bavab Bavab’s Christie Scott

Elijah Forrest Terrors

Elijah Forrest, aka Terrors

Anthony Kiedis Elijah Forrest Il Corral

Anthony Kiedis was a super chill guy!

Knight Rider Il Corral

Knight Rider

Mammal Eggs Il Corral

Mammal Eggs

The Amazements Il Corral

The Amazements

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