Sorry for Laughing not at all sorry for hijacking my interview

We walk in the room, and play our favorite song.  He cues on the computer “dogs barking jingle bells”.  Hello Sean, how are you? Things are fine. [Opens robe, legs crossing. Tightens knot on bandana.] Then we get really crazy and put paint on our drums! It’s 3pm Saturday afternoon. Wasting E-cigarettes, only taking a few puffs before putting them out. Sage burning.  Everything is covered in astro turf. It’s from The Future. Storage unit in El Segundo. Sleeping bag lies unmade on top of raging waters raft.

What name do you play under & why?
Well, first we’re gonna get the address of Pehr$pace and hand deliver with expedited shipping vintage 1930s Bela Lugosi tapes. Also, we are not “Use Value” anymore. Now it is Sorry for Laughing. Asks question: who was Bela Lugosi?   …. just your average actor, in really cheesy horror movies. Does he talk real slow?? Also CRIMINALLY INSANE PEOPLE + MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER, AUDIO COMMENTARY. We were USE VALUE but now we changed the name for this new project.

Who’s involved?
A lot of things. Mainly dogs barking jingle bells. Sorry for Laughing is Gabo, TJ & Dylan. Tightening up. We do HTML too . We don’t have band photos yet. We’re all really busy sometimes. Maybe we could Photoshop something. [Gets up to get Salvia from the drum circle.]

What kind of look have you been going for lately?
Well I’m really into Bluetooth compatible accessories. Cordless phones, corduroy, hands free wireless. Really into corduroy, there was also an acid wash phase but that ended.  Cargo pockets w/ corduroy. Mainly things, in general. There’s no good movies out.

Who’s your all-time favorite artist? Do you find yourself drawing on that influence with your music?
DaVinci, Picasso, Roger Waters, wasn’t he in Pink Floyd? Yeah. How do you spell that anyways? One person raves starring Benjamin the Russian.  Jehovah. Let’s expand upon this a little. Does all time include the future? Who you calling a liar? Also we have to include that we have name tags with Sara Connor’s name. Wait who is Sara Connor? From Terminator 2. Why is she cool? Cause she’s saving the human race. She fucking carved “No fate” into a picnic table. Bittorrenting scifi audio books.

What’s the most recent song you’ve written that made you really excited?
Our friend Isabella came over and we got pretty toasty and jammed the other day.

How do you feel when you are making music?
Orgasmic. lukewarm. “you have no feelings” terrible.* Moves beer aside to get to fridge. Adjusts mood-o-meter installation on wall. Strange asymmetrical shapes hover in fluctuating color-zones. Tells Sean, “This is really good material right here!” Sean whips out Narnia fabric [yarn store where you can create your own fabric from Portland, Oregon]  “That’s where we me actually, Portland, Oregon. I was in the bay area at the time.” “Thanks for the restraining order by the way. Midi buffalo. ” Now we’re listening to Jimi Hendrix MIDI version. It’s so simple and poetic. We need to create some fabric. How do you do that, isn’t that a raw material?

Do you have anything special planned for this Monday night at Pehrspace?
What’s that? I can’t hear you over this margarita machine!! Can you turn the Jimmy Buffet LP down? Or is that Jimi Hendrix? Also I made this photo set for concept ideas about our photo shoot. I’m not sure what they think of it.

What other shows do you have coming up?
We’re all going to the Jimmy Eat World concert next Tuesday. Rockin’ out!!! Oh also I think Soulfly is playing tonight.

Song that summed it all up what would it be called and what would it be about?
Bisons’s theme from Street Fighter, MIDI version. Is there a way we could embed that into the webpage? We just really want to get people to listen to MIDI covers.

QUESTIONS FOR SEAN: Do you play Mortal Kombat? If so, who’s your favorite character? I named my dog Raiden, what do you think about that? Is there a way we can turn this into an audio file? Is there a place to hit golfballs into the water?

Listen: Sorry for Laughing “11_27_10 4_22 PM”

And don’t miss the show

Image: Melissa Sullivan

Sean Carnage presents…

11:15 Corima
10:45 The Symbolick Jews
10:15 Use Value aka Sorry for Laughing
9:45pm Anomalie & the Speakeasy Earth

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

**Attend the closing of Picture Con Sequencia art show at Echo Curio at 8pm & get $2 off this show!

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

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Watch an original video about Corima by ELLA//OHARU

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