Some things to get excited about

Thank you, dear readers, for being so supportive during this time when I have been ill. I’ve been working everyday on new features for you, and though they are a bit backlogged at this point, you will soon see them all roll out.

Among the special treats I have in store for you:

• A behind-the-scenes report from Kid Infinity’s 3-D extravaganza playing at the Smell this Saturday. If you haven’t already made plans to attend, what are you waiting for?

• An incredible first-person account of life at America’s only queer punk farm, Planet Ida, written by Psychic Handbook’s Alejandro Archuleta.

• The debut of SEANCARNAGE.COM’s studio section. First up: Chris Schlarb’s brand new recording mecca.

• The Internet debut of Whitman’s “Tacos Like E’ryday” video!


The Emotron at Pehrspace this Monday with Wet Mango, Tleilaxu Music Machine, Organ Trail, and Mikki & the Mauses

Sean Carnage Monday Nights 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Monday, August 2nd.

• The closing party for Tetricide on August 7th which I’m co-sponsoring.

Okay I’m off to get some sun and some rest. I need to beat this virus. Talk to you tomorrow!

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