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Name: Anomalie & the Speakeasy Earth

Personnel: Just me, Emilie Corpuz 🙂

When did you start: Early 2010.

Who’s your all-time favorite artist?
Too many to name, Jenny Lewis is a big one though. Lyrically and musically she’s an influence—the honest/witty/absurdity of it all.

Do you have anything special planned for this Monday night?
Just the average melting your face and touching your heart haha.

Emilie Corpuz brings new sounds to Pehrspace

Hey, Emilie. What name do you play under & why?
I play under Anomalie & the Speakeasy Earth. When brainstorming names I had the idea of using the word “Anomaly,” which basically means unclassified, then “Speakeasy Earth” and I linked the two together. I spell Anomalie wrong and with an ‘ie’ because my name, Emilie, is typically with a -y but spelled with an -ie instead. As far as “Speakeasy Earth” goes its my little concept of the world knowing or feeling things but not talking about them. I guess it’s those “things” I tend to incorporate in my lyrics.

What kind of listeners are you hoping to turn on?
For me it’s about having an outlet for all the little musical or lyrical ideas/creative musings in my head. I ventured into producing beats for lack of finding a band, but it’s all very song/guitar driven as far as stylings go. I think there’s something in the music for everyone, whether it’s the guitar work, the beats, my singing, whatever.

What’s the most recent song you’ve written that made you really excited?
There’s a new song called “Do We Go or Do We Dare?” that’ll be on my next EP that I’m in the middle of recording. I’ve played it live a handful of times and there’s something about that bridge man.

How do you feel when you are making music?
Any and everything. There’s points of frustration, relief, highs, lows and everything in between. All in all its positive for me and I can’t see myself doing without it.

If you could write a song that sums up your whole aesthetic, what would it be like?
Hmmmm, for now I’ll call it “Speakeasy” and it’d be about living life, speaking easy, and knowing what you want for yourself beyond other people’s expectations.

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Image: Melissa Sullivan

Sean Carnage presents…

11:15 Corima
10:45 The Symbolick Jews
10:15 Use Value
9:45pm Anomalie & the Speakeasy Earth

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

**Attend the closing of Picture Con Sequencia art show at Echo Curio at 8pm & get $2 off this show!

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

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