I couldn’t be more pleased with Chris Payne‘s new logo for SEANCARNAGE.COM.

This is it’s debut. What do you think? In the next few weeks you will see it on all site-related publications and events.

I adore the finger-crocheted wrist bands above the bloody break. Nice touch, Chris!

This new logo shows that when you love music, you will go for it all the way. Even if your hand gets ripped off. Maybe even by zombies!

Also, since it’s Friday, just a couple reminders:

“Like” SEANCARNAGE.COM on Facebook—that’s where I communicate most often

(And while you’re there, befriend SLANTY SHANTY, our sponsor with whom this site wouldn’t be possible)

Follow Sean Carnage on Twitter—another great place to get updates

Listen to Demolisten on KXLU 88.9FM from 6-8pm this afternoon


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