Sean Carnage’s Most Inspiring of 2013

From John Thill to Cellular Chaos to Skin Town, music ruled again this past year. Let’s keep it going.

I wouldn’t be able to face 2014 without all the amazing stuff you made in 2013. Thank you for all you do.

These were the most inspiring things about 2013…

Best Of LP: John Thill

John Thill
“Greatest” doesn’t even begin to describe this… Listen.

Car stereo soundtrack: Comfort Slacks

Comfort Slacks was my driving soundtrack for most of the year (the car being the best place to listen). Sounds tight at any speed.

Album: Cellular Chaos “Cellular Chaos”

Check them out—make sure you get the full album.

Band: Corima

Corima makes me glad to be alive.

Demo: Dolphins N Shit

Cannot WAIT for their new LP…Hear a preview—the soundtrack to my videogame life.

Pop: Skin Town

Skin Town
So smooth.

Rock: Mothers Of Gut

Really enjoyed this.

Comp: Mabson Enterprises

Most inspiring audio & collage.

Cassette: Favorite Russian Spectaculars

Image: Lou Muenz

Image: Lou Muenz

I could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner off this bass tone. Listen.

Video art: VJ Wes

The best in the West.

Record label (tie): Folktale

Folktale Roco Jet
Chris Payne puts out only the best.

Record label (tie): Higher Life

Very cutting-edge, beautiful CDs/LPs/cassettes/downloads/3-D printing!

Musical family: Schlarbs

Schlarb Fam
What a cool fam—they make a new album for Xmas every year. This time they cover The Who!

T shirt: (tie) Forest Kingdom / Thompson for Sheriff

Support Forest Kingdom & the Gonzo Museum traveling exhibit.

Event: Cleveland Lottery League at the Cleveland Agora

Kudos to the Chiefs & players of Cleveland, Ohio. Coming to L.A. in 2014 watch for details!

Show: Dr Who Burlesque at Fais Do-do

Peepshow Menagerie‘s beautiful ladies + Time Lords = the most inspiring night on the town 2013. Looking forward to 2014.

Concert: Goblin at the Egyptian Hollywood

Waited my whole life to see these dudes & they did not disappoint.

Radio station: KXLU

Duh. Listen.

Radio show: Demolisten w/ Fred Kiko…especially the live broadcasts from Timewarp Music in Mar Vista

If you are on the West Side when this is happening, do not miss it! Info.

Video: Go Chic “City Slickers Night Pressure” by Vice Cooler

An all-star cast & an excellent song.

Bitch: SOTB

The band I play in. Why not? The bitch is back.

Venue: Pehrspace

You already knew that though.

Audience: Monday Night

We did it thanks to you. I sincerely appreciate your support. We will continue but in new ways.

Until then don’t miss…


Pomona Rib Cookoff 1/6/14

15 minute sets from…

9:30 Naomi Elizabeth
9:50 Roco Jet (Nora Keyes + Jimi Cabeza)
10:10 Upsilon Acrux
11:00 Ssleaze
11:30 Surprise performers
12 AM Kid Infinity

plus entre’acte entertainment with…

The Comedy Stylings of Peter Moran
VJ Wes
DJ 333Boyz / DJ IE / DJ Marijuana Weed
Sound by Drey

Final DJ set by Kyle Mabson

**There will be surprises**

9pm doors / all-ages

pehrspace / $5

see u there?


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