Sean Carnage Mondays make triumphant return to Pehrspace

The return show at Pehr last night was truly truly AMAZING.

Thank you to Abe Vigoda, I.E., Moment Trigger, Bro-Mags, Mikhai Tran, Kyle H. Mabson, Darren King and Pehrspace, and all of YOU…The audience full of friends and music fans was the best part of the show, and much appreciated by me and the performers.

Stay tuned for long-overdue schedule updates…

-Sean C.

This Monday, September 14th

Sean Carnage presents…
pehrspace 9-14-09gig

Knight Rider
Dadfag (SF)
Brotman & Short (SF)
Teen Beer (OC)

At Pehrspace, 325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

9:30pm / $5 / All-ages

The best of the cutting edge every Monday…see you there?

New photos: Abe Vigoda, I.E., Moment Trigger, & Bro-Mags


Moment Trigger

I.E., aka Margot Padilla

Abe Vigoda

Best Band Ever


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