Rogue Xtian station KTLW-FM shut down by the Feds; or, Now you can Demolisten on the East side yeah!

If you live on the East side of L.A., you may have noticed that in the past few days KXLU 88.9 FM (listen online) just got a whole lot clearer. Which is great news—it’s the most eclectic and local-supporting radio station in the area.

But why the change in signal quality?

I asked Fred Kiko, host of Demolisten (and my boss on that show), what exactly is going on.

Fred Kiko, host of Demolisten, Fridays 6-8pm on KXLU-FM

Okay, Fred Kiko, what is/was KTLW?
KTLW is a Christian radio station in Lancaster that ten years ago put up a translator near Glendale and started broadcasting on 88.9 FM. Illegally.

What did KTLW mean for KXLU listeners?
It stopped our listeners from being able to listen! At least those on the East side of Los Angeles.

What just happened that changed everything?
The lawyers from Loyola Marymount University finally got the FCC to make them stop, giving them a 60 day notice, I think. Well earlier this week, they finally turned off the offending translator.

What the official story on this?
AHA! Haven’t heard anything official yet. Just that they stopped broadcasting and to be careful to not say anything bad about them on the radio.

What will you be doing on this Friday’s show to celebrate or do something different?
Every week is special at Demolisten! We will rock the airwaves very hard, and finally after ten years, the Eastside will get to join in! Future Sauce will play live and it will be weird. Then I will go home, drink a beer, and make-out with my girlfriend.

Listen and WATCH Demolisten live 6-8pm Friday evening (or check out the archives at your convenience)

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