Ripped from the headlines

The most AMAZING interview with the incredible Kristin Hersh—Her first novel, Rat Girl, is about the making of one of the greatest albums ever, Throwing Muses’ 1985 debut LP

Listen to Abe Vigoda’s newest single—I’m waay into “To Tears,” which is also great and reminiscent of 1985

A map with pot dispensaries to be closed by L.A.—City allows only 41 to remain open

Album sales hit all time low once again—On the plus side, singles sales are way up

A really awesome parody video of my idol Ken Nordine’s “Word Jazz”—Featuring Steve Albini (!) amongst others

Another benefit for Karen Novak tonight—Underground documentress lost everything in a house fire; now Unsane, Craw, & Buzz from Duvalby Bros. lend a hand…I wish I could be there!


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