Ripped from the headlines

Photo: Marjorie Curty ©Spoa/Orel Simon

“Hipster Replacement”—At 70+ she’s the hottest new celebrity DJ

Wig Wam…Van—Sweet guitarist Andy Scott selling insurance on TV

The artist who fell to earth—My favorite art blog, Monzuki, profiles artist Jeremy Geddes & his amazing falling Cosmonauts

One of the coolest, gayest tracks of the year just got better—Myles Cooper’s “We’re Gonna Find Boyfriends Today” remixed!

Baroque-step/classical IDM anyone?—Smokin’ new track from The Tleilaxu Music Machine

Ex-Angeleno/Deep Jew Jeff Witscher in the press—Write-up lists his many AKAs & includes an MP3, too

Captain Beefheart BANNED by KTTV (Fox 11)—Teabagger plot? From 1971? You decide!


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