Raw & uncut new video: Pedestrian Deposit and Laco$te

Pedestrian Deposit and Laco$te are just two of the many jaw-dropping Los Angeles groups who played the recent International Noise Conference 2010—a gathering for noise lovers and makers.

You may have seen my mini-documentary on this amazing concert.

Now, for the first time, you can watch full performances by Pedestrian Deposit and Laco$te.

Uncut, unedited, unaltered…It’s the start of a brand new video series, and I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve been trying to film Laco$te (X and Rob Thomas) for years now. They were in top form at the International Noise Conference at Women house back on April 7th. X lunged at dudes in the crowd and dragged them into the center of the action. Fortunately, I had my video camera that night—and a seat at ground zero in front of the band.

I asked everyone I met at the I.N.C. L.A. 2010 who they came to see. Most named one group above all others: Pedestrian Deposit.

What inspires such devotion (amongst what could be the pickiest music fanatics around)?


Shannon Kennedy and Jonathan Borges don’t just make a cacophonous mess—they layer their attack so its destructive effects are multiplied exponentially with every twist of the knob.

Here’s the documentary that started it all—I.N.C. L.A. at Women. I talked to just about all the participants, and collected their most insightful (and hilarious) observations in the clip above.

Thanks once again to all the groups for letting me record them. This was an amazing night of music, and I hope you enjoy these superb performances.

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