Hot quotes about classic Monday bands

Robin Williams On Fire. Child Pornography. Agape. Soloing Over Alanis Morissette. Halloween Swim Team, the nasty hip hop version.

These are the bands of your life.

(If your name is Kyle Harringer Mabson, that is.)

Oh and MC Peter Moran. Factor that in.

Now what if you could read what Health, Foot Village, Jim from the Smell & more thought about these wonders of nature? Like—their really candid thoughts?

Why the funny accent after all these years in America? Lades & gents—MC Peter Moran. Photo: Carnage.

“Peter Moran’s mama is so Belgian she speaks two languages” –Vice Cooler, on Peter Moran

“I ran into Brendan Fowler today and it reminded me of the time Peter Moran set up a Brendan joke but stopped before the punchline. I am still curious what it was.” –Steve Touchton

Soloing Over Alanis Morissette soloing. Over Alanis Morissette. Photo: Carnage.

“A little too ironic—an emphatic and glorious celebration of the career of Alanis Morissette” -Health, on Soloing Over Alanis Morissette

“You should get an Albini quote” -Vice Cooler, XBXRX & Hawnay Troof

“Soloing Over Alanis Morrissette…sick band” -Juiceboxxx

Halloween Swim Team rocked young Kyle Mabson's world with their cassettes. (Which was even before this photo was taken in 2005...)

“Halloween Swim Team played the first ever Cochina Festival, back when it was at Islander Park in Riverside, CA. They laid out a sheet and smeared lots of paint everywhere while they did crude raps over cassette boom box beats. It was classic.” –Christopher Payne, aka Whitman, on OG Halloween Swim Team

Agape has fast fingers. Agape is loud. Agape makes men dance in each other's arms. Photos: Carnage.

“The Salt Lake City Madman has the fastest fingers this side of the music biz!” –Health, on Agape

Random Child Pornography from the Internet.

“True to their name, this is the band you jerk off to when the regular stuff just wont do it anymore!” –Health, on Child Pornography

“At this point it is almost taken for granted how important and integral the inland empire is to the LA DIY scene. But there was a time called the early ’00s when Child Pornography helped pave the way for LA DIY and IE DIY relations. Through them I met all the greats, from John Thill to IE and HST and dozens more. Make sure to see the godfathers of IE DIY!” –Brian Miller, DeathbombArc Records + Foot Village

“Child Pornography used to collect some of the strangest dudes in Riverside. For a couple weeks there was a dude named Joe in the band who then disappeared for a while, until I saw him waiting in line a paycheck advance place in one of the worst parts of Riverside.” –John Thill

“Best transgendered vocals.The reason I started playing music again, seriously!” -Margot Padilla, IE

“After I saw Child Pornography at Back to the Grind in Riverside for the first time, I booked them at a now defunct Record Store in Norco. I remember the incident was fairly upsetting Adam C. was kind of wasted, wearing underwear on his head and at one point he knocked over at least one of the keyboards. Erin was kind of bummed. I was worried I was gonna get in trouble with my boss because they were all scuzzed out and fucked up, but somehow such a situation was avoided even though I’m pretty sure Adam C puked behind the building.” –John Thill

“Child Pornography is my favorite thing to listen to while falling asleep. Also, I hear there’s a band called that.” -Jonathan Snipes, Captain Ahab

Robin Williams On Fire. Yum.

“Namesake be damned, these musical youngsters do truly sound as if the venerated funnyman was stripped naked and put to flame!” –Health, on Robin Williams On Fire

“I only had a chance to see Robin Williams On Fire once, and i thought they were like the second coming of the Flying Luttenbachers. That might be a good thing to some. To me, for sure.” –Justin Husher, rocker & urban farmer

“Thinking of Robin Williams on fire perfectly recreates for me vivid memories of the recklessness and energy of the early-mid 2000s Smell/Il Corral scene. Also I hear there’s a band called that.” -Jonathan Snipes

“I’ve never heard them before.” –Angie Olsen, Pretty Cool Land

“Smokin’-the mask” -Dan Deacon, regarding RWOF

“Sich!” -Jim Smith, The Smell proprietor, regarding the whole show

“About the evening in question: an audio treat affably expounded by bona fide gentlemen for a flabbergastingly pinnacle reminiscence. Everyone involved is a hero and always will be.” –Josh Taylor of Foot Village on the show

Don’t miss out…

Image: Kyle Mabson

Kyle Mabson & Sean Carnage present…

Child Pornography
Robin Williams On Fire
Soloing Over Alanis Morissette
OG Halloween Swim Team

with special host MC Peter Moran

Kyle’s birthday is at midnight

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

RSVP for the party

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